80 Pallet Shelf DIY Plans

51) Rustic Coat Rack

Would you like to hang your coat from this cute little rack? Use this design to make your own rustic pallet coat rack in a small home or apartment. The top part can be shelves to store anything while the bottom part can hold three or more coats or other outdoor stuff.

You can make this as simple as it is or make the shelves larger, wider and the coat hanger section larger too so you can place hats and mittens. You can add a small stool at the bottom, made of pallet wood of course,  so you can have a place to sit and put on your boots.


52) Handmade Shelf

This is a very versatile pallet shelf design with a lovely logo. You can place anything inside this wood shelf and place it anywhere in your home. You can use this shelf to hold books, study items, collectibles, frames, souvenirs and more.

Making this kind of wood shelf is easy and in fact, you can build this in less than an hour. You can also paint any kind of sign or word in front all you need is a stenciled design.

There are ready to use stencils that can be purchased from stores or online. You can make your own too using simple paper, pencil and a cutter. When you have made a stencil, you can now use spray paint to transfer your stencil design on wood. 


53) Rustic Bookshelf

If you’re a book lover then there must be a few books that you want to keep close. I most certainly want my manga collections near my bed so I can easily reach for them when I need to. This small pallet shelf can keep small books and pocketbooks within reach. You only need a few pallets to make this simple shelf. When you are done, simply prop it near your bed or reading chair.

Now this rustic shelf has been made to look years older. There are many techniques you can use like staining, using paint and distressing wood. You can also personalize this by placing words, symbols, and anything on the wooden shelf. And of course, this project won’t cost you a lot of time to build because of its very simple, straightforward design.


54) Bookshelf Plans

Compared to the previous shelf, this one is larger and can accommodate more books and stuff. It is still made of pallet wood but has a sleeker and classier look. If you are a neat freak then you need this kind of shelf to store even the smallest things. You can keep small books in a neat stack, place souvenirs in one shelf and collectibles in another and have things neat and organized.

And this shelf is not just for display. You can also use this to store different items. You can hang this shelf in the bathroom and use it to hold towels, candles, soaps, bottles of shampoo, loofahs, bath bombs and toilet paper.

You can place this in the kitchen and use it to keep spices, other food items, small kitchen utensils and more. In the study, this neat shelf can hold small books, DVDs, accessories and other gadgets.


55) Simple Shelf

This simple pallet shelf can hold many items. It can be used to keep small books and other reading material or it can hold other items as well. You can make two, three or more of this type of shelf and use it in the kitchen, bathroom or study.

And this is a very easy project to make so you don’t need to be an expert to build it. You only need a few scraps of the pallet to construct this very simple pallet shelf which you can finish in just a few minutes.

56) Wall Shelf with Pendant Light

This is a simple pallet wall shelf that can be placed on any wall of the house. It was made by simply cutting the pallet frame in half and exposing the inside sections to be used as shelves. Pallet wood is so versatile it can be used in this manner. Some woodworkers and DIYers spend time removing each part of the pallet and constructing stuff from scratch.

Because of its very simple design and plans, you can build this kind of pallet shelf easily without breaking a sweat. But if you were to improve this design, you can make the shelves larger, wider and stronger. You can also construct a frame for the shelf to protect items that you will place on the shelf.

And attaching a light source in the panels certainly is a great way to emphasize the design of the shelf even if it’s a very simple design such as this one.  


57) Rustic Large Shelf

Create a lovely mantle from a few pieces of pallet wood. This is a design plan that will show you how. This very simple shelf made use of two long and large pieces of pallet wood which was placed on top of two holders that were attached to the wall.

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With this space, you can place all kinds of stuff. You can even make this larger and bigger depending on what you wish to hold.

You can place this in your living room to hold decorations, small picture frames, photographs and other lovely items. Use this to hold decorative plates, cups, mugs and more. It can also be used in the study to hold books, various decorations, and photographs.

It can be placed anywhere: in the kitchen, bathroom, pantry and even on the patio. It is an easy design too so you don’t need to spend a lot of time making it in  a day.


58) Reclaimed Bathroom Shelf

Believe it or not, this shelf was made from reclaimed wood. It was made from scrap pallets and now it looks brand new as a bathroom shelf and towel rack. Although it is not installed on a bathroom wall yet, you can see that it was carefully made of only a few pieces of the pallet.

Be very careful though in using reclaimed pallets because the quality of your work especially the durability of materials could be at stake.

So before using reclaimed wood as shelves remember to check for the overall condition of the pallets. Check for cracks, molds, pests or anything that can affect the overall strength of your shelf. Discard wood that is cracked, open and rotting.


59) Recycled Shelf

This is another versatile pallet shelf that you can use almost anywhere you need a small storage space. It even has small hooks to hang your coat or hat in. The shelf is small and can hold only very small items. It is a good place to store a few souvenirs, a picture frame or important stuff like your keys, your phone or anything you need when you go outside.

This is easy to make and needs only a few pallets to make. Recycled pallet wood was used in this project so making it costs almost nothing.

60) Hanging Shelf

A hanging shelf is an ingenious design that eats no space at all. It is simply a shelf that hangs on its own weight using a few supports at the bottom. This shelf is versatile but not very strong so you don’t want to overload this with a lot of stuff. But being a decorative shelf, you can place it almost anywhere.

You can mount a hanging shelf like this on top of your fireplace, in the dining area, in the kitchen or in your bedroom to name a few. You can also make this shelf larger, longer or stronger by paying attention to the supports used at the bottom of the pallet wood pieces.

Because of its simple design, this pallet project is very easy to make and won’t cost you a lot of time to do it. You can also use scrap wood or recycled wood so you don’t need to spend anything to make it.


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