44 Porch Swing DIY Plans

#21. Classic porch swing look

Though many of us want our furniture to have a modern look, there are those who stick with the classic style when it comes to the design. This porch swing plan is great for those kinds of people.

Though this swing has a classic look, don’t mistake the furniture as being old and could break anytime. However, it was made to have a classic look that even you can make.

The website where this porch swing plan can be found provided an actual plan where the dimensions of each wood piece are specified. Photos of the actual furniture being made are generously found on the website as well, which can be used for zooming in and out if you’re the type who wants to get every detail correct.

Lastly, instructions are also provided specifically for each step, making it easier to see and remember what your porch swing should look like.

#22. Bamboo porch swing

If you are the type who want to spend less and want the porch swing to look as simple as possible, then perhaps you need to use bamboo for this project. Don’t worry, because it has been made before.

For this project, bamboo was used. However, the maker mentioned that as long as “light wood” will be used, that will do the trick as well.

Bamboo, although lightweight, is a sturdy material. However, there is a tendency for it to break, which is why one cannot use an electrical saw for cutting it into pieces.

Since it doesn’t involve too much cutting and usage of modern woodworking tools, this project is great for people interested in DIY but are just starting to learn the craft. Not only is it easy to make, there is also no need for complex materials.

Its minimalistic design is something to be noted, which makes it a good fit for this list.


#23. Porch swing for the whole family

Most porch swings are only enough for one or two people. Yes, this is ideal for just the parents OR just the children, but what if everyone wants to go sit on the porch swing?

With this porch swing plan, the problem is now solved! It’s wide and strong enough to accommodate four people!

Aside from the size of the porch swing, another thing that we liked about this plan is that it is very detailed. Even the small details are given enough emphasis on each step.

The steps provided in this guide may be numerous, but it also breaks down the whole process in small pieces. This can make the progress for the project much faster.

There is also enough pictures provided by the maker for each step. This is important especially in areas where accurate measurement is vital.

All of these points are enough to include in this list.


#24. Plan for a heavy duty porch swing

Many store-bought porch swings are made for the average-sized consumer. This only means that if you are taller or heavier, it’s highly possible that you won’t get to use it.

It is for those instances that they need to make their own furniture. This plan will help them accomplish that.

This porch swing is also great for families who want to seat more than one person. That’s because this furniture has been tested to withstand even around 600 pounds!

The porch also has enough space to accommodate more than two people. This is the perfect sitting space for you, your spouse, and your kids.

Each significant step in this tutorial is divided into smaller, more actionable steps. This makes it easier even for beginners to undertake a slightly bigger project such as this.

All of these points are enough for this porch swing plan to be featured on our list.


#25. Taking advantage of that old swing set

Have an old swing set in your backyard that your children have outgrown? This porch swing plan will allow you to use that old swing set and have something new in your home.

This porch swing plan is enough to seat two people. All you have to do is to replace the seats so that it becomes wider while using the chains of the old swing set.

This porch swing plan is also shorter than the usual. With fewer steps to follow, it somehow implies that this is easier to make and is friendly to beginners.

But even if the guide is shorter, it did not skip on important details such as the sizes of each wood piece and the materials that you’ll be needing to complete the project. Think of this as a short but concise guide in upgrading your old swing set into a porch swing.


#26. Recycled porch swing using your old wooden door

Almost all houses have doors, and it’s highly possible that you have old wooden doors that you’ve replaced due to their age or aesthetics. With this porch swing plan, you’ll be able to use your old doors as another furniture in your home!

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What’s great with this porch swing is that it did not involve a lot of cutting. All the maker has to do is to make a 90-degree angle that will serve as the seat and place something above it that will make sitting comfortably.

The armrest is also made from old chair legs. This will give the armrest a good look even if you’re not that familiar with designing wood.

The website where this is found also provided enough pictures that will help anyone follow the process of its creation. This will supplement the brief instructions that they gave in making the porch swing.

#27. Sophisticated looking porch swing made of an old door

Looking for another porch swing plan that uses the door as one of its materials? This is the right guide for you.

In this guide, the door is only used as the backrest for the porch swing. Yes, there’s still a need to purchase some wood, but the costs will surely be driven down.

One good thing about this porch swing plan is that it provides complete details in making the seat. It’s also generous in providing instructions on how to use the door as the backrest.

Photos for each step of the process is also provided. This is a great guide for those who prefer visual stimuli when creating something.

It’s also a great reference for someone who wants to decorate their porch swing. The paint to give it a uniform look and the throw pillows for more comfortable seating are great ideas that one can also copy.


#28. Elegant porch swing in a bracket frame

For those who feel intimidated because they also need to spend some time constructing the swing frame for their porch, this plan is a good alternative. For this porch swing, the only focus is on the seat, and the frame can be just made from single column steel pipes.

The focus of the website where the porch swing plan can be found is also on the seat. This is best for beginners, as they don’t have to worry about the frame and install whatever they like as long as it is able to hold the porch without falling.

The guide is quite extensive, as it provides enough instructions and a lot of pictures on how to make it. They also provided some tips on how you can achieve the same look for your porch just like what is in the photo.


#29. Summer Porch Swing

Summer is better enjoyed if you go somewhere as long as it’s outside the house. Even in your own garden.

For this purpose, making a porch swing during the summer is a good project. Not only will it give you something to do, you’ll also create something that you can use for the whole summer to appreciate the outside of your home.

This porch swing has a light vibe to it because of the color yellow and using hemp rope instead of a chain. But even if hemp rope is used, the whole porch is still sturdy.

Although the website does not provide the instructions for making the porch swing, there’s a link for a downloadable PDF guide that has the full instructions. What’s great with their instructions is that it is presented just like a magazine article, making it easy to read and understand.


#30. Simple porch swing plan with a low backrest

Many porch swings are designed with backrests that can accommodate the whole back of its user. But it’s also possible to create a porch swing with a backrest that is lower than usual.

In this porch swing plan, the creator used one of their benches and fashioned it to look like what’s in the photo. The whole story is provided on the website where the tutorial is also found.

What’s great with this tutorial is that the maker provided generous instructions and photos of the whole process. Their kids are also involved in making the porch swing, implying that this plan is easy enough to make that even kids can be part of making it.

Since the family only used the bench wood that they already have in making the porch swing, this is a great tutorial for those who have a similar situation. It’s also cheaper than buying new wood.


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