Atticus Tiny House With Modern And Manly Interior

99 Tiny House Plans You Can Build Yourself

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  1. 1) Tiny House Dragonfly-20
  2. 2) Tiny House with Incredible Interior Design Built in 40 Days
  3. 3) Tiny House Heated with Free Solar Power
  4. 4) Modern Tiny House with Hidden Bathroom and Space Saving Furniture
  5. 5) Off-Grid Tiny House
  6. 6) Super Modern Off-Grid Tiny House
  7. 7) $24K Tiny House
  8. 8) The Smallest Tiny House (with all the Comforts of Home)
  9. 10) Tiny House to Travel the World With (and IN!)
  10. 11) Victorian Tiny House
  11. 12) Awesome Tiny House on Wheels
  12. 13) Lucky Penny Tiny House
  13. 14) Family Tiny House
  14. 15) Tiny House Oasis (Zen Tiny House)
  15. 16) Bayside Bungalow Tiny House
  16. 17) Scarlett Spacious Tiny House
  17. 18) The Ultimate Tiny House on Wheels
  18. 19) XL Tiny House
  19. 20) Zen Inspired Dream Tiny House
  20. 21) DIY Adorable Tiny House
  21. 22) European Style Tiny House with Pizza Oven
  22. 23) Natural Build Tiny House for Family with Separate Office and Kids Bedroom
  23. 24) Eclipse Tiny House
  24. 25) Rochette Tiny House
  25. 26) Peggy Tiny House
  26. 27) Funky Cozy Reclaimed Salvage DIY Tiny House on Wheels
  27. 28) Jawa Tiny House
  28. 28) 270 Square Foot Joy Tiny House on Wheels
  29. 29) 96 Square Foot Tiny House by Shelter Wise
  30. 30) Minimalist 20ft Shipping Container Tiny House
  31. 31) Tiny Home with Luxury Bath-House from Recycled Windows
  32. 32) Incredible Off-the-Grid Tiny Home
  33. 33) Stunning Off-the-Grid Cabin
  34. 34) Tiny House to Live Big in Retirement
  35. 35) Family of 5s Modern Tiny House Clever Design
  36. 36) Tiny House on Wheels with an Earthen Cottage Appearance
  37. 37) 40ft Shipping Containers Tiny House Transformation
  38. 38) Tiny House Boat
  39. 39) 16 ft. Tiny House
  40. 40) DIY Tiny House Smart Design
  41. 41) $1500 Tiny House
  42. 42) Tiny House in the Shire
  43. 43) Amazing Tiny Truck House from Reclaimed Material
  44. 44) Tiny House with Rooftop Balcony
  45. 45) Van Makeover into Tiny House on Wheels
  46. 46) Whimsical Modern Tiny House Running on Renewable Energy
  47. 47) Bus Into Tiny Family Home Mind-Blowing Conversion
  48. 48) Minimalist Tiny House Plan
  49. 49) One-of-a-Kind 60 Square Meter Small Family House Built From Hemp
  50. 50) Plant Based Tiny Family House Constructed in 3 Months
  51. 51) Breathtaking Wagon Tiny House with a Fireplace
  52. 52) Super Compact Tiny House on Wheels
  53. 53) 16 ft. Long Tiny House on Wheels
  54. 54) 20 ft. Tiny Family House on Wheels
  55. 55) DIY $15 000 Tiny House
  56. 56) Green-Built Tiny House on Wheels
  57. 57) Railway Train Caboose Inspired Tiny House
  58. 58) Affordable & Environmental-Friendly Tiny House
  59. 59) Kids’ Dream Fort Made the Perfect Adult-Fit Tiny House on Wheels
  60. 60)0) 125 Square Foot Cozy Tiny House
  61. 61)) Tiny House for Tall People
  62. 62)) Minimalist Tiny House on Wheels
  63. 63) Compact Mobile Tiny Home
  64. 64)) Mesmerizing Tiny House Fantasy Cottage Style
  65. 65)) Bicycle-Powered Tiny House
  66. 66)) Natural Eco Tiny House
  67. 67) Tiny Cabin House
  68. 68)) Spaceship-esque Tiny House
  69. 69)) High-Tech Tiny House
  70. 70)) Shed Tiny House
  71. 71) Stylish Minimalist Tiny House
  72. 72) The Hobbit Style Tiny House
  73. 73) Tiny House Perfect for Couples – The Monocle
  74. 74) 24 Foot Tiny House with Plans By Ana White
  75. 75) Modern Tiny House with Elevator Bed
  76. 76) Tiny House with Rooftop Deck
  77. 77) The Fortune Cookie Tiny House
  78. 78) Old Timey Gypsy Caravan Style Tiny House
  79. 79) The Highland Tiny House
  80. 80) The Wiggly Wog Tiny House
  81. 81) Barn Shaped Tiny House
  82. 82) Atticus Tiny House with Modern and Manly Interior
  83. 83) The Lincoln Tiny House
  84. 84) 18 Foot Trailer Tiny House with 2 Lofts
  85. 85) Modern Shepherd Hut Tiny House
  86. 86) Tiny House Alternative: Off-Grid Yurt
  87. 87) Tiny Turf House
  88. 88) Mini Earthship Style Cabin
  89. 89) Tiny House Alternatve: Off-Grid Tent Style
  90. 90)Lotus-Belle Tent
  91. 91) DIY Pin Up Tiny House
  92. 92) Self-Designed Tiny House
  93. 93) Off-Grid Tiny House Built by a Teenager
  94. 94) Tiny Home Cabin in Alaska
  95. 95) Simple Log Cabin Tiny Home for $500
  96. 96) Off-Grid Passive Tiny House
  97. 97) Zen Forest House
  98. 98) 84 Square Foot Miniature Tiny Home
  99. 99) Tiny House with Downstairs Master Bedroom
  100. The Bottom Line
Gazebo Plans

40) DIY Tiny House Smart Design

This DIY Tiny House which is literally choke-full of smart design ideas won’t leave you anything less than impressed.

It was built on a 24 foot trailerout of 90% reclaimed material on the outside. The fancy design of this house is particularly his wife’s idea as she is a fan of the old European style.

Diy Tiny House Smart Design

Personally, I adore the fold down porch which works great for traveling.

You can pretty much enjoy the abundance of sunlight in the sleeping loft thanks to the 2 big square windows and the circular window.

However, as shared in the video tour, it’s important to think of blind folds or you’ll be forced to wake up with the first rays of the sun painfully early each morning.

The bed can be lifted up to save space through a very smart mechanism. All in all, this tiny house is a tightly packed mixture of profound space-saving ideas the owners deserve to feel proud of.

41) $1500 Tiny House

The story of Luke Thill who managed to build his very own tiny house for as little as $1500 when he was only 13 years old has gone totally viral but why shouldn’t it?!

He is an inspiring example that nothing is impossible when you have a dream.

1500 Tiny House

And nonetheless, for every true tiny house aficionado who is planning and craving to construct the tiny home kept in the hidden corners of your most sacred thoughts) well, I think there is barely something more powerful and invigorating than checking out this boy’s tiny invention.

Covering the humble 5’ by 10 this tiny creation has a sleeping loft but also a folding dining table, and even a small kitchenette.

When it comes to the money used for the building of this house) Luke also managed to save it all by himself, mostly through his summer lawn-mowing chores.

42) Tiny House in the Shire

Okay, I know this is not the typical tiny house and it is definitely a specific design which won’t be able to be adapted if you want to build a tiny mobile home but just look at it.

Tiny House In The Shire

The mere idea of being able to design and construct such an extraordinary house is more than motivating.

Let yourself get Kristie Wolfienized and you will get contaminated with the ease and somehow natural flow that she has when it comes to explaining how to turn your DIY building projects into reality.

Fortunately, Kristie’s sketches are also available, and we are always happy to stumble across tiny house owners and creators who are true to the spirit of sharing.

Plus, the interior decisions can give you a massive creative boost on how to structure your own tiny house, whether it’s hobbit-inspired or not.

43) Amazing Tiny Truck House from Reclaimed Material

While most of the mobile tiny houses are constructed on a deck, this couple decided to think out-of-the-box and adjust their old truck into a tiny home on wheels.

Amazing Tiny Truck House From Reclaimed Material

Well, as it turns out, this was a fantastic idea.

They managed to construct their tiny house utilizing predominantly salvaged materials.

Nevertheless, they were determined to make this mobile home an off-the-grid one, so it is running entirely on solar power.

One of the undoubtedly most stunning parts of the tiny house is the added shower at the back of the truck which makes up for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Whenever they are not using the shower, the couple loves to use this as an outdoor space to get a gulp of fresh air while enjoying the view.

We think this tiny house is the perfect example to get your creativeness sparkled.

44) Tiny House with Rooftop Balcony

What better way to finish this list of tiny house plans than sharing a truly creative tiny home? At the very moment you take a sneak peek of this tiny home on wheels, it grabs you right away. The idea of constructing a rooftop balcony is a magnificent one, and it truly deserved our admirations.

Tiny House With Rooftop Balcony

But the rooftop balcony is not merely a fancy addition to enjoy panoramic views. It actually gives a precious amount of extra space you can use however you find to suit your taste best.

The interior packs a punch with a distinctly exotic taste of Mexico through the little touches added by hand-crafted Mexican-style objects. Currently, this house is available for rent at Airbnb.

For those who are less experienced with working with wood, though, this balcony design can be quite a challenge. But as what we want to keep emphasizing from the very start – challenges should raise your motivation instead of making you delay the construction of your dreamed tiny home.

45) Van Makeover into Tiny House on Wheels

Bryce Langston is meeting us with Demi and Eli who are a young couple with huge imagination. They managed to turn their old van into a strikingly welcoming tiny house on wheels.

Van Makeover Into Tiny House On Wheels

Staying true to the best principles of the tiny house movement, the van runs on solar energy. That energy is enough to sustain the functioning of the fridge and charging of their devices, among others.

They have also installed this super cool folding deck which gives them extra space for cooking or simply enjoying the view.

The inside of the van is more than merely hospitable because of the warmth, coziness, and uniqueness of the timber utilized. Nevertheless, the timber used is mostly reclaimed.

The traveling couple has thought of all the little details which make a house’s interior design uniform, such as the mini chairs and an exquisite copper sink.

46) Whimsical Modern Tiny House Running on Renewable Energy

It is sure no wonder why Bryce Langston features this little gemstone for being an amazing off-grid tiny house which has absolutely everything.

Apart of the solar power utilized, the young couple who constructed the tiny house of their dreams also capture they own water and have even implemented a solar water heating system.

So if you are looking for ways to make your tiny-home-to-be absolutely independent in terms of water and power supplies, then this modern tiny house will give you plenty of inspiration and practical ideas you can apply.

Whimsical Modern Tiny House Running On Renewable Energy

Personally, what grabbed my attention the most is the bio gas digester which makes it possible to generate your own gas.

Wondering how this happens?

The gas bio digester works by turning your garden waste and/or food scraps (or any other organic matter) into gas.

Every little piece of the cleverly designed interior is nothing less than excellent, which proves it’s worth exploring the debts of your tiny house imagination.

47) Bus Into Tiny Family Home Mind-Blowing Conversion

Okay, maybe your idea of the tiny house plan of your dreams doesn’t really fit into converting an old school bus (or whatever vehicle) for turning it into a place you can call home.

But since constructing your tiny house has so much to do with the need for inspiration, we bet this stunning transformation, as well as the tons of tiny treasures hiding inside, will give you a huge gulp of motivation on how to construct your tiny home.

Personally, I am crazy in love with the way this couple utilized only reclaimed materials and managed to achieve this whimsical interior.

Bus Into Tiny Family Home Mind Blowing Conversion

And besides, the space-saving gigs inside are absolutely worth exploring. This couple’s tiny home is one which makes you feel yourself a part of this amazing story, too. That shows how all the tiny elements of your house design finally fit into one bigger, mutual picture.

48) Minimalist Tiny House Plan

If you are a fan of the minimalist style, then you can count me in, too. I believe in the way minimalism helps clear the mind.

Even though pretty small, this home has all the essentials for a comfortable living.

Minimalist Tiny House Plan

The loft is reachable through an installed ladder, and apart from the kitchen and bathroom there’s also a lounge area.

That helps to make the tiny house feel very spacious but the lack of clutter is also a game changer which adds to the open feel of the interior.

49) One-of-a-Kind 60 Square Meter Small Family House Built From Hemp

The benefits of using hemp as a building material have been discussed for quite some time, even though hemp persists to be illegal in many countries.

But the truth is, hemp is also considered one of the most environmental-friendly materials by activists, fighting for the well-being of our planet.

Hemp is not only renewable, it is also one of the most durable ones, and that’s why it has been utilized for sail ropes long before it was banned by the governments.

One family has found a way to incorporate hemp for the construction of their tiny house, which doesn’t at tall feel like being tiny.

One Of A Kind 60 Square Meter Small Family House Built From Hemp

All the clever interior decisions have created a very open space which is a pleasure to inhabit.

Personally, I am determined to consider the benefits of hemp as building material and try to implement these into the design of my tiny home with a mind for the environment.

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