Modern Smaller Bunk Beds

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans


11. Floating Bunk Bed

Floating Bunk Bed

Those who want to make their bunk beds unique resort to picking a theme that goes along well with their room. In this bunk bed plan, the maker ensured that the children will have a bed that follows the pirate theme of the room.

The bunk beds are made to really look like you are in a pirate ship. That’s because of the pirate-like ladder that was created for it.

The bed sheets and pillowcases further added to the appeal that the maker wants to achieve. He made sure that the bed itself complements the design of the whole room (which already have lamps, pirate ship steering wheel, and others.

There’s also no need to worry about the sturdiness of the bunks. They look floating, but they are definitely screwed in the walls so that it can also be used other than serving as additional decoration.

12. Double Bunk Beds

Double Bunk Beds

If you are one of the families who is getting bigger and has four or more children, then this bunk bed plan is for you.

Yes, it does look like “it’s just two or more bunk beds put together”. However, this is somewhat different because of the middle ladder put in between two bunk beds.

This feature is a real space saver since there is only need for one ladder to get to either of the top bunks on one side. For the other side, the blocks in the beam itself will help anyone to get on the top bunk.

This bunk bed style is meant to be placed at the top right corner of any room. This will make all other spaces available for decorating or remodeling without needing to move the bed.

Its space-saving function and unique design take it directly in our list.

13. Bunk Bed and a Sliding Trundle

Bunk Bed And A Sliding Trundle

You need beds for three people but can’t fit a triple bunk bed in the room? Then this one is the solution.

In this bunk bed plan, all we can see are two beds. But the bottom part of the bed also houses a mattress that one can sleep on – just simply pull the handles at the bottom and, voila, a sleeping mattress for a third person.

This bunk bed plan made use of the wall as the beam, which only means that less wood is needed to make it. This also makes the whole structure sturdy.

The ladder can be found on the other side of the bed, further saving precious wood and giving the occupant of the top bunk more space to place his feet on.

The brilliant idea of using every space in this bunk bed is more than enough for it to be included in our list.

14. Fold-able Bunk Beds

Fold Able Bunk Beds For More Space Saving

If bunk beds placed on room corners or make use of the wall are able to save space, what more if it can be folded? That may come as a surprise, but it is possible to have a fold-able bunk bed!

The maker used piano hinges so that the part where the mattresses go can be folded. When not in use, it can be made to look like it’s a wall that was just designed differently.

This bunk bed plan is a great option for houses or rooms that have unused closets.

Since the bunk beds can be folded, it wouldn’t be a problem for anyone who wants to clean underneath it. Also, once the beds are folded, it gives the room owners extra space in case they need it.

The unique idea of the bunk bed and space-saving ability makes it worthy of a spot in our list.

15. Triple Bunk Bed Plan

A Very Detailed Triple Bunk Bed Plan

If you are one of the people who want to have a systematic and complete guide before you can start doing something, then this bunk bed plan is for you.

Although the plans for the website where the photo is found appear to be similar to what was presented before, this plan still deserves a spot on our list. That’s because of the very detailed plan that it presents to us.

Since this kind of DIY project has a risk (your kids at the higher bunks can get injured if it falls), people are not willing to risk making this if they are not certain that they’re doing it correctly. With this bunk bed plan, this problem is somehow solved.

It also did a great job of dividing the task into phases. This makes it easier for new woodworkers to identify which part of the bed should be made first.

16. Curtained Bunk Bed

A Curtained Bunk Bed

Privacy is an issue for children, especially when they start to grow up and is close to becoming teens. This explains why teens want to have their own room.

However, if it is not possible to give your children their own rooms, then making them feel like they have their private space may do just fine. This is exactly what this bunk bed plan aims for.

The addition of curtains for each bunk bed is a simple yet effective way to give your children their privacy even if they still share the same room. It also gives the room an organized look, thanks to its white paint.

The bunk bed also feels like it’s part of their room because it doesn’t look off even if it is viewed from quite a distance. Being installed in one corner of the room gives you or your parents more space to work on.

17. Easy to Build, Attach, and Detach Bunk Bed

Easy To Build Attach And Detach Bunk Bed

Although the bunk bed is a space saver in the room, it can be a problem to move it because of its heaviness. There is also the challenge of getting it in and out of the room.

But what if you need to move to another home? Does that mean that you have to say goodbye to the beloved bunk bed of your kids?

That shouldn’t be the case. After all, it is possible to make a bunk bed that can be detached and re-attached.

This bunk bed style will make it easier to take the bed out of the house, get it in the truck or your car, and move to your new place.

The website where this photo is found provided all the necessary information needed to make this as well. This’ll make it easier even for beginners to make this same version of the double bunk bed.

18. A Cottage Loft Bed

A Cottage Loft Bed For The Boys

Boys also want their beds to look differently. And just like girls having their own princess’ castle, this bunk bed plan is great for them.

Since boys aren’t known for being too expressive when it comes to their beds, this will do. It allows them to role-play or pretend play while being “inside their home”.

Though the bottom part of this bunk bed style (just like other loft-style bunk bed plans) appears like an empty space, it can still be used by someone to sleep on.

Another thing to comment on their website would be the complete details for making the whole loft bunk bed. They’ve provided the exact dimensions of the wood, the process, and even the materials so that you can also make the same project in no time.

Its different look and the complete details for this elaborate project are enough points to include it in the list.

19. Elaborate Bunk Bed for the Little Girls

Making A More Elaborate Bunk Bed For The Little Girls

When we saw this bunk bed plan, we are surprised with its elaborate design. But what’s more surprising is that this was made by a mom!

We’ve seen other loft-style bunk beds that are designed to look like something else, but this one went over the top. Just by looking at the plans, one will assume that it is a big dollhouse and not a bunk bed.

With this bunk bed, it’s as if the maker gave her daughter a small house to stay in. The top bunk is also sturdy and can give her daughter the impression that she is sleeping in her house’s roof!

She also went an extra mile when it comes to the design of the whole house. Being able to close the windows and the ladder with hearts on it will surely make any child excited to go home, play, and even sleep.

20. Sturdy Bunk Bed

A Proven Sturdy Bunk Bed For Your Children

Even if this bunk bed looks plain and boring for some, we like how this bunk bed gives the impression that it is sturdy and will not easily even if your kids are quite rough. Or it may be because the bunk bed is made of construction-grade wood.

The solid head and footboard of each bunk probably gave this impression of being sturdy. But this is also proven by looking at the process of how this bunk bed was made.

The top bunk is also well-protected thanks to the edge rail that is attached to it. There’s no need to worry for that rail to be detached, as the maker ensured that it is placed tightly at the top bunk.

Glue, screw, and bed bolts are used all throughout the construction process, ensuring that all parts of the bed will remain intact even if the kids play rough.