Modern Smaller Bunk Beds

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans


31. Kenwood Bunk Bed

A Detailed Guide For Making A Kenwood Bunk

It’s surprising to know that although bunk beds look similar, each unique style has a name attributed to it. Just like this bunk bed being known as Kenwood.

Because its foot and headboard are solid, there is an impression that this bed bunk is also sturdy. It also uses a lot of binders such as glue and screws, further ensuring that it will not break easily.

The low cost of making this bunk bed style is also attention-grabbing. Lastly, the uneven size of the top and bottom bunks give it a unique look, as many bunk beds don’t follow that style.

All of these are enough for us to include this in our list.

32. Making a Low Loft Bunk Bed

Making A Low Loft Bunk

For those who don’t want to have a loft-style that isn’t too high, then this bunk bed plan is for you.

Aside from the detailed instructions and step-by-step diagrams that the website provides, we also like how it is able to pull away from the usual bunk beds made for children. For those who want to make use of the bed for a longer period of time without modifying it heavily, opting for something that looks simple just like this one is advisable.

And even if children will use this, since this is a low loft, you wouldn’t be worried too much that your kid will have a bad injury in case he missed a step.

The website also provides different plans following this style based on the size that you are looking for. There’s no need for estimation, as the dimensions for the other tutorials are adjusted accordingly.

33. Low Loft Bunk Bed with Desk

Work And Rest In Just One Place In This Low Loft Bunk Bed With Desk

For those who have older children who go to school or do some kind of work, this is a great furniture to use. The maker already combined the desk and the bed with this bunk bed plan.

This genius innovation is more than enough for it to be included in our list. But what’s more than that is that the complete details and photos of each step for making it are provided on the website for free!

This innovation is a space saver because aside from eliminating the need for a desk, the side of the desk also has a space for holding the user’s stuff.

The bottom area can still be used for sleeping; just put a mattress there and just allow the desk to be pulled out.

This innovation to the bunk bed just shows that this furniture can also be used by adults, as it gives them enough space to work on whatever they need to.

34. Additional Loft Bunk Bed to Your Pre-existing Bed

Additional Loft Bunk Bed To Your Preexisting Bed

This bunk bed plan is unique because instead of constructing two beds, only the top bunk and ladder should be made. This is great for rooms or houses that already have a bed but you don’t want to ruin the older bed just to make it look like the usual bunk bed.

Since the plans are found in a blog page, one can expect stories and additional details provided. However, the instructions, tips, and all the information needed to make this project are still provided clearly.

This project gave a new and interesting look to the room while accomplishing the purpose of having another area for sleeping. With the installation of the loft, the space next to the bed at the bottom becomes open for decorations and can even be turned into a reading area.

These benefits from installing the top bunk are enough to justify why it has to be on this list.

35. A House Skeleton as Your Bunk Bed

A House Skeleton As Your Bunk Bed

Even the simple change in the skeleton of the bunk bed is enough for its look to be unique. This is exactly what this bunk bed plan wants to accomplish – making your bunk bed look like a house.

What’s great about this bunk bed plan is that regardless of the gender of its user, it will not look awkward.

Though this bed frame is initially made to just “house” one bed, it was modified by the maker so that the roof can serve as an additional bed that can be occupied by another person. Once you know how to make the house skeleton, you can easily change it depending on the number of people who will use it.

36. Cabinet Bunk Beds for Your Toddler

Cabinet Bunk Beds For Your Toddler

For those who want to make a bunk bed for their toddlers and have a small space such as a cabinet, they can follow this bunk bed plan.

Since this bunk bed plan is specifically made for toddlers, the sleeping space is small. But even if the kids are just given a small space, it’s a good way for parents to teach them how to be responsible for their own spaces.

Space may be small, but it is still sturdy and can really accommodate a child who wants to sleep in it. The ladder also isn’t very high, making it easy for anyone to get to the top bunk.

This bunk bed idea is also cheap because it doesn’t use too many materials.

37. Industrial Style Bunk Bed

Industrial Style Bunk Bed

Parents and even kids who like a simple but outstanding look for their room can make this industrial style bunk bed.

Although this bunk bed plan looks very similar to some of the bunk beds mentioned in this list, it was made different because of its aesthetics.

To sport an industrial look, the bunk bed should be painted with gray or silver. This is complemented by the top bunk rail and the ladders made of pipes.

The bed isn’t too difficult to build, as the website provides easy to understand steps for making it.

With its cool look and easy to build design, this bunk bed plan will surely be included in this list.

38. Built-in Bunk Beds with an Elegant Look

Built In Bunk Beds With An Elegant Look

Any parent can be sure that their kids will be safe while occupying this seemingly floating bunk bed. That’s because both the top and bottom bunks are securely placed on the three sides of the wall.

Another noticeable feature in this bunk bed is that the bunks have a reasonable height. This is an important element especially if the beds will be occupied by boys, as they grow significantly heavier.

The top bunk also has a secure side rail, preventing any falls in case its occupant rolls too much.

Its simple, sophisticated look and sturdiness are more than enough qualities for this bunk bed plan to be part of this list.

39. Bunk Bed with Cabinets

Bunk Bed With Cabinets

If it was made possible to make a bunk bed that has a small desk in it, why not take it up a notch? This bunk bed plan made it possible for one to get not just a bed but also additional storage space close to it.

In this loft-style bunk bed, it can be seen that one part of the bottom bunk is fashioned to look like a display cabinet. The bottom bunk bed also has boxes, which can serve as the storage space.

This bunk bed plan may look very elaborate, but fortunately, the website where this is found provides enough detail to anyone who wants to replicate it.

It also makes use of pipes as the side railings of the top bunk. This small element only shows that the maker possibly recycled this material to add appeal to his project.

A great-looking bunk bed with many functions is a great fit for this list.

40. Playing with Curves and Straight Lines

Playing With Curves And Straight Lines

This bunk bed has a unique look because some corners of the body are cut straight while others are curved. This small change in how the wood is cut makes this bunk bed look like it was bought from a store.

The maker of this design is generous to those who want to try out this design, as she made sure that the instructions are complete and can be easily understood.

Most of the top bunk also has a side rail. This is a great safety measure for its occupant, especially if the younger kid will occupy it.

We also like how she shows actual pictures of how the wood is cut for each step of the process, making it easier for anyone to cross-reference their own work with what the plan wants to achieve.

The modern look of this bunk bed is enough reason for it to be part of this list.