Modern Smaller Bunk Beds

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans


41. Built-in Bunk beds

Built In Bunk Beds

For parents who want the bunk bed of their kids to be more sturdy, this is a great option for you.

For this kind of bunk bed, the maker needs to have a huge frame where the bunks are installed. In this plan, it’s as if the bunk bed is installed in a huge cabinet.

Since the bunks are “built as a whole”, there is a remote chance that the whole bed will tumble due to rough play. After all, the whole bed is heavy and wouldn’t budge easily.

Climbing to the top bunk is also not a problem, as the ladder is similar to what you can find in houses. This will give you the assurance that even if that bunk will be occupied by a younger child, there is a lower risk that the kid will miss a step and fall.

42. Built-in Bunk Beds with Unique Ladder Concept

Built In Bunk Beds With Unique Ladder Concept

In this bunk bed plan, the maker wants to have a built-in bunk bed for the room. But instead of placing the typical ladder, he installed the ladder steps in a rope instead.

This bunk bed style will surely appeal to kids regardless of their gender. They want something exciting and thrilling, and being able to climb and even hang in the air for a while because the ropes is an experience that they like.

For parents, there’s no need to worry though. The rope is securely attached to the ceiling and the body of the top and bottom bunks, so your kids will not swing too far that it can cause them to hit other objects or even fall.

For those who are not familiar with built-in bunk beds, the maker provided the whole process and his experience of making it in his website, enabling even beginners to follow.

43) Bunk Bed Frame Made from Wooden Pallets

Double Deck Bed Frame Made From Wooden Pallets

This is a very interesting and fun design. This is a bunk bed design that lets your kids sleep and play inside cabin-like beds. The sleeping area is comfortable with matching linens, pillow covers and sheer curtain covers for some privacy.

The bunk bed frame here is more than just a pallet bed frame. It also doubles as a bookshelf or simply shelves where kids can place their toys.

The entire structure sits on one corner of the room and is from the ceiling to the floor. Great care has been used to design this amazing kid sleeping and playing area but no doubt that this can be built even by someone with basic woodworking experience.

And because this is a kids’ bedroom furniture, always check for the strength of each and every pallet. Consider safe ladders and side rails for the top bunk. Kids can play and hurt themselves on the upper bunk so no roughhousing in this pallet bunk bed!


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Bunk beds are great space savers in any household, as it gives people space for sleeping even if they can’t be in separate rooms. However, we want you to see the potential beauty that bunk beds can give to its users and to the homeowners.

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