79 Chicken Tractor DIY Plans

31) Free Pallet Chicken Coop

This is one of the biggest chicken coops in this list is this house-like coop that has plenty of room to accommodate ten or more chickens. The large walls are made from pallets, free pallets, as the builder described. There are a couple of square windows for this chicken coop and this may not be enough considering the large space. An upgrade for this design would be to add a larger window or a ventilation system like a fan or an open vent.

The roof is made of galvanized steel so it’s tough and will be able to keep your chickens safe and sound even when there is too much rain or intense sun. The structure is elevated inches from the ground possibly to improve ventilation. It’s quite impossible to place wheels on this large pallet chicken coop to make a chicken tractor coop. However, you can use this as a design for a smaller coop instead.


32) Wire Spools Chicken Coop

Make this your next barnyard project; this is an easy chicken coop design made from two empty wire spools. These spools are naturally strong and can withstand intense sun and rain. The design is actually simple: the two spools are placed on top of each other with the middle hollowed to create the perfect nesting area.

Although this is a lovely and ingenious chicken coop design, this may not be possible if you have large or many chickens. This may be appropriate for chicks and small chickens. You can add this chicken coop out of wire spools to an existing rectangular or square coop. This could be used as a hen house where your chickens can rest and sleep.


33) Home Depot Chicken Coop Plans

Home Depot has all the materials you need to build a simple chicken coop like this. Build this one with a nice, large rectangular wire tractor coop and you got the ultimate movable chicken home all year round.

This one is made from solid lumber and wooden pallets for the roof. The door is wide and the chickens can easily move in and out safely. Inside are designated areas where your chickens can sit and rest. You can find vents on either side of the coop to improve air circulation.

This coop is tall, with enough space at the bottom of the structure. You can further enhance this design by adding a coop with chicken wire mesh with the frame installed with wheels. 

34) Farmer Kitty’s Coop

This is a large chicken coop that looks very simple to make. This was made with heavy and sturdy lumber. This has an averagely sized coop with an adequate area for chickens to sit, rest and sleep. You can tell that this coop is adequate only for a few chickens because a chicken needs at least 3 or 4 square feet of space.

The door is large enough for you to move in and clean the interior of this coop. You may also use this door to remove eggs and to check on your chickens as well. This large coop can be upgraded by adding a small door along the side of the coop where chickens can just walk in and out.

Aside from adding a small port at the side, you can also improve this design by adding a chicken wire fence coop. Add a wheel to the end of the fence and you can move this coop anywhere in your yard. 


35) Shed Chicken Coop

This is a chicken coop that looks like a small apartment! This is made from strong and durable lumber and wooden pallets and as you can see, the result is absolutely flawless. The coop has a modern style with large windows that improve ventilation inside the coop.

These windows may be closed or partially closed in case it rains or if there is a storm. A large door is at the other side of the coop and this lets you enter the coop interiors to clean, check up on your chickens and to feed them.

You will notice a large flap along the side of the coop and this is where you get the eggs from the chickens’ nests. A small passageway has been created at the side of the coop and this is where the birds exit and enter the structure.

This is an already amazing and flawless design but it still lacks the versatility of a chicken tractor coop. But you can easily get this by adding wheels along the corners of this structure. Doing so allows you to pull this to anywhere in your yard and keep your chickens safe in case of a storm.


36) The Hoop Coop Design

This is a coop that was made from foldable plastic hoops which have been cut and assembled as the roof of a large coop. The walls, door, and ceiling of this coop were made with chicken wire mesh. The door was made from pallet wood and is very easy to make.

The interiors are huge and can accommodate at least five chickens. The back of the chicken has a tarp for a roof. This shields the birds from the sun and rain and with the hoop design, the coop remains cool and airy all year round.

This design could be a permanent installation in your yard however wheels may be added to the back of the coop so you can drag this to where you think would be the best spot where your chickens can stay and thrive.


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37) DIY Chicken Coop

What do you think about this makeshift chicken coop? Sometimes there’s just no space to put a large chicken tractor coop or to construct a large hen house from scratch. This simple and easy design is perfect for people who just need a durable and safe home for their chickens.

This was made from pieces of reclaimed wood. The roof is made from plastic roofing to shield from the rain and still keep the interiors well-lighted. There are two large ports at the front of the coop; the top one is for ventilation while the bottom one is an old drawer where the nests have been ingeniously placed. Just pull out the drawer and out comes eggs!

This design can serve as an inspiration and you can improve this by adding a wire mesh coop that will keep your chickens safe as they move about in the yard. If you are thinking of adding wheels, make sure that the foundation of this chicken coop is strong and will hold despite moving it around the yard.


38) Large Chicken Coop Design

This is a super chicken coop that was designed to hold at least ten chickens. It is huge and tall therefore it’s airy and comfortable for the chickens to graze in. The walls are made of wooden pallets to make the frame and wire mesh for the walls. A large door, big enough for a grown man to come in, was installed at a corner. This will let you come inside the coop, feed your chickens, give them water and to just clean up.

The hen house here is very extravagantly made. It is at the upper corner of the coop and the chickens can access this using a ladder. This has windows for vents while there are sections that can be opened at the back of hen house to reach in and get some eggs. There is also a door at the front to open the hen house to clean it up.

This design is flawless and perfect. It makes a good weekend project for the serious chicken farmer. 


39) Very Simple Chicken Coop

This chicken coop looks like an ice chest or a trash bin but despite its appearance, it still works great. At this size, you can take care of at least two chickens inside. The coop was made from pieces of reclaimed wood but you can also use wooden pallets or new lumber.

Now the design looks simple. It has wooden walls, an opening at the top for ventilation and that’s just about it. However, you can use this as an inspiration to build a coop with a larger area, windows along the sides and an opening at the sides where your chickens can move in and out the coop freely. Adding wheels and a large boxed fence would make a good starting point for a chicken tractor coop. 


40) Mammy’s 1895 Chicken House

Now, this is a chicken coop that’s very large and may have been used to care for ten or more chickens at a time. The chicken coop is tall but not as wide. The screen section is where the chickens can freely graze on the ground. A small ladder leads the birds inside the hen house and this is where they can sleep, rest and roots.

This chicken house has adequate ventilation from the wire mesh walls as well as the side panels and windows on the hen house walls. This is a permanent installation in a farmer’s yard but can serve as an inspiration to build a mobile, chicken tractor. You may also increase the size of the house and coop if you plan to take care of more chickens.


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