60 Gazebo DIY Plans

41) Circular Gazebo Design

This is a circular gazebo with a unique shape and design. This is a full circle made by using cement, tile and natural stone. Looking like a structure in a park more than a gazebo in your home, this could be a wonderful place to hold a special event, a party and most especially a wedding.

Think of lights, lamps, and fun when you hold a special event in your garden! And of course, this is quite a moderate to difficult build and should only be done by someone with experience with working with tile, cement, and natural stone materials.

42) Gazebo Wedding Inspiration

Do you know that gazebos are the most common wedding venues when the event is held outdoors? Gazebos offer a whimsical, dramatic and romantic setting to a wedding or proposal and the gazebo design we have here is no exception.

This is an airy gazebo that can accommodate a few guests for a wedding. It is moderately large, has an intricate design and is accessible by crossing a wooden path. This gazebo was built on a raised wooden deck has an open design but with balusters built around the perimeter of the structure. The eight narrow posts hold the intricate roof with delicately shaped braces on each side.

This has an angled roof that has wooden slats for material. A cupola on top improves air circulation inside the large ceiling. This gazebo was painted with waterproofing paint so it can be protected from the sun and rain. Large curtains hang from the sides of the gazebo to create a romantic wedding venue.


43) Beachside Gazebo Design Inspiration

Now, this is the ultimate way to relax on a beach! This is a beachside airy gazebo that houses a comfy reclining seat with soft cushions ready for your relaxing afternoon… This gazebo has a raised wooden deck to keep the sand and water from coming into the gazebo area.

This has an open design with large curtains from top to bottom to add to the dramatic effect. It has four large posts that hold the heavy roof. The flat roof keeps the gazebo cool and effectively keeps the hot sun and rain out. This is a very easy build but remember that accessorizing is very important when it comes to this design


44) Eclectic Gazebo Design Inspiration

This gazebo has a fun and eclectic design made from strong lumber. This gazebo was constructed on a raised wooden deck and you need to walk a few steps up the gazebo entrance. The gazebo has an open design but with balusters along the perimeter of the structure. The eight narrow posts hold the roof that also boasts of an eclectic and intricate design.

This has a pointed design on top which makes this interesting as well as challenging to construct. You can further accessorize this gazebo by adding deck furniture, some plants and lights to transform it into a relaxing and lively outdoor venue.


45) Airy Gazebo Design Idea

A gazebo could be a relaxing retreat and this design shows you how to make it. This has tall posts and an open design but large, sheer curtains were used to keep it comfortable and private.  This gazebo was also built on a raised wooden deck and as you can see, it is part of a garden or grassy yard. This has a flat roof with wooden slats and was stained using a natural wood stain.

Staining and waterproofing are important to protect outdoor furniture and structures from the sun’s rays and rain. And to further accessorize this gazebo, aerial plants and flowers were planted nearby. Seats were placed inside and possibly a table to complete the relaxing atmosphere


46) Rectangular Gazebos

This is a gigantic gazebo design that was built to please! This gazebo was built on a raised wooden deck but not too high to need steps or ladders to enter the gazebo. This is the perfect example of an open design. It has balusters built around the perimeter of the structure to provide privacy for events and parties.

This is a huge structure with ten narrow posts holding the heavy roof. The triangular roof is made of wooden slats and has a pointed design. This gazebo was never painted and shows off the wood’s natural beauty using wood stain. Accessorize this with lights, plants, seats, tables, and curtains and you got a fantastic place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.


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47) Open Gazebo Design Ideas

This is a photo of the inside of a large rectangular gazebo and as you can see, it is spacious, airy and relaxing, this is a large structure with high posts and intricately designed flooring made of stone and brick. A stone fireplace stands in one side of the gazebo plus a sofa set where you can enjoy a roaring fire outdoors with the company.

The gazebo has a triangular roof so it has a hollow ceiling. The tall posts have intricately-designed braces to hold the large, heavy roof. The finished look is very relaxing and could be improved by adding more plants and lighting.

48) White Open Gazebo Inspiration

This is a large gazebo/events area that may have been constructed for a park, mall or community center. This is so huge that it can accommodate a large number of chairs, tables, and accessories for any kind of event. It has an open design, no walls, ceilings or anything that can keep air and sunshine in. It has large posts that may have been reinforced from the ground up to carry the huge weight of the large roof.

This has a gray triangular roof made of wooden slats and a cupola is at the center of the roof. This gazebo was painted white and was constructed over concrete for a sleek and straightforward look.


49) Classic Gazebo Design Inspiration

Even with so many gazebo designs to choose from, the classic is still the best. This is one of the easiest to build with is large eight sides and posts that make the gazebo perimeter. The large roof was made from dark-colored shingle roofing which offers good waterproofing for the structure.

This can be used as a place to dine with family and friends. Just place a table and some chairs to make the best outdoor dining area.  String some lights and use plants, curtains, and comfy seats and you got the best outdoor relaxation area.

50) Oval-Shaped Gazebo Inspiration

What a lovely gazebo for your next project! This is an airy gazebo built on a raised wooden deck. This boasts of an open design with balusters built around the large structure. It has an oval design with narrow yet strong posts that hold the roof. The triangular roof has wooden slats but without a cupola on top.

This gazebo was constructed using redwood and was coated with natural wood stain. This gazebo looks plain but it can be accessorized by adding aerial plants, flowering potted plants, lighting and outdoor patio furniture.


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