Open Design Oval Gazebo Inspiration

60 Gazebo DIY Plans

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  1. 1) The Raised Gazebo Design Plan
  2. 2) The Mighty Helpful Gazebo Plan
  3. 3) The Shaded Gazebo Design
  4. 4) The Tall and Airy Gazebo
  5. 5) The Prefab Gazebo
  6. 6) Backyard Sanctuary Gazebo Plan
  7. 7) Octagonal Gazebo Plans
  8. 8) Grill and Gazebo in One
  9. 9) The Redwood Gazebo
  10. 10) Western Red Cedar Gazebo
  11. 11) The Pointed Gazebo
  12. 12) Classic Gazebo Style For Special Events
  13. 13) Extreme How-To Gazebo
  14. 14) Very Large, Temple-Like Gazebo
  15. 15) Gazebo Kit
  16. 16) Amazing Gazebo Design Plan
  17. 17) Attached Gazebo Plan
  18. 18) The Wooden Gazebo Plan
  19. 19) Octagonal Gazebo Plans 2
  20. 20) Screened Gazebo
  21. 21) Traditional Gazebo Style Inspiration
  22. 22) Octagonal Gazebo Plans 3
  23. 23) Gazebo Kit Plans 2
  24. 24) Flowery Gazebo Plans
  25. 25) Lean To Gazebo Plans
  26. 26) Simple Weatherly Pergola and Gazebo Plan
  27. 27) Fairy Tale Gazebo Design Plan
  28. 28) Eight-Sided Gazebo Plan
  29. 29) Snowflake Gazebo Design Plan
  30. 30) Well-Lighted Gazebo Plans
  31. 31) Instructables DIY Gazebo
  32. 32) Gazebo from Satellite Dish
  33. 33) Gazebo Made from Google Sketch Up
  34. 34) Gazebo Copula
  35. 35) Steel Gazebo
  36. 36) Minimalist Gazebo
  37. 37) Lighting a Gazebo Design
  38. 38) Square Gazebo Design
  39. 39) Awesome Square Gazebo Design
  40. 40) Flowery Gazebo
  41. 41) Circular Gazebo Design
  42. 42) Gazebo Wedding Inspiration
  43. 43) Beachside Gazebo Design Inspiration
  44. 44) Eclectic Gazebo Design Inspiration
  45. 45) Airy Gazebo Design Idea
  46. 46) Rectangular Gazebos
  47. 47) Open Gazebo Design Ideas
  48. 48) White Open Gazebo Inspiration
  49. 49) Classic Gazebo Design Inspiration
  50. 50) Oval-Shaped Gazebo Inspiration
  51. 51) Gorgeous Gazebo Design Ideas
  52. 52) Large Screened Gazebo for Special Events
  53. 53) Oval Gazebo Design Inspiration
  54. 54) Open Design Oval Gazebo Inspiration
  55. 55) Round Gazebo
  56. 56) Gazebo with White Columns Inspiration
  57. 57) Opulent Roman Inspired Gazebo Design
  58. 58) Classy and Traditional Gazebo for Special Events
  59. 59) Gazebo At The End of the Pier
  60. 60) How to Make a Gazebo
  61. Conclusion

51) Gorgeous Gazebo Design Ideas

Gorgeous Gazebo Design Ideas

This is a huge, classic and airy gazebo that could be your next outdoor events venue. It can accommodate a few chairs or a sofa with soft cushions to become a relaxation area as well. It was constructed on top of a raised wooden deck. The open-air design makes this gazebo inviting while balusters are attached to the perimeter of the structure to add a little privacy.

The posts of this structure are narrow but surprisingly strong and can hold the large roof. The triangular roof has wooden slats with a tapered top. This gazebo was stained using a natural wood stain. This may look complicated because of its large and pointed roof but according to builders, this is an easy one to make for as long as you have all the tools needed for this design.

52) Large Screened Gazebo for Special Events

Large Screened Gazebo For Special Events

This is a design to build a screened gazebo structure. This is a rectangular structure to be built over a cemented area in a yard or garden. It needs a wooden deck floor. Have open sides with low balusters and high ceilings.

The roof of this gazebo has an angled structure rectangular with a high ceiling. A sheer screen covers the gazebo. This is not just for design but also provides privacy and a shield from the rain, sun and from insects.

This structure is large and is ideal for relaxation and entertaining guests. This is an easy project and a good starting point for any aspiring woodworker. You can have this constructed in just a week provided you have all the needed materials and tools ready.

53) Oval Gazebo Design Inspiration

Oval Gazebo Design Inspiration

This is a gazebo with an oval-shaped area and design. It looks perfect from any angle because the builder took extra effort in planning and constructing this very large structure. It was built on a garden and was made to highlight the area. Lovely plants grow beside the structure while well-manicured grass grows thick and green.

The gazebo structure is simple yet classy. The walls are very open and have balusters surrounding the perimeter of the oval structure. A large triangular roof lined with shingles is the focal point of this build. The roof is tapered on top and a cupola sits on top of the structure which improves airflow.

You need to have a contractor build this for you because it’s too large and heavy. You may also use this as an inspiration for a slightly smaller design.

54) Open Design Oval Gazebo Inspiration

Open Design Oval Gazebo Inspiration

This is truly a very lovely oval gazebo inspiration and is also one of the liveliest with sunny orange and red colors for its theme. This structure may have also been a part of a mall or park because of its size and complexity. The structure was raised from a concrete area in a park or garden. The posts are large and numerous, supporting the entire perimeter of the gazebo.

It has an open-air design without any balusters or walls to cover the inner part of the structure. The ceiling is high and it looks like it has large beams to support the heavy roof. The roof is made with brown shingles and decorative sides.

This could be an events place or a venue for special occasions or private functions. This is a moderate to the difficult project but you can use it as inspiration to construct a smaller version for your home or garden.

55) Round Gazebo

Round Gazebo

This is a round gazebo found in Longwood Gardens and is quite a popular backdrop for paintings and photographs. This round structure has a classic design with tall posts and large ceilings. This was made of concrete and tile.

You can use this as an inspiration to make your own gazebo version in your own garden. Accessorize with flowering plants, ground lighting and low-lying trees and you got a lovely round gazebo venue in your own garden.

56) Gazebo with White Columns Inspiration

Gazebo With White Columns Inspiration

Possibly the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to an outdoor venue is a gazebo, right? Most wedding planners prefer a gazebo than another outdoor venue because it can offer shade and privacy to the wedding party.

Large gazebos such as this are the best choice because it can accommodate the wedding entourage and a few guests. This gazebo, in particular, has large, stately columns at the front and an intricately designed roof.

You can host a wedding, a proposal or any other special event without worrying about rain or too much sunshine with this large gazebo.

57) Opulent Roman Inspired Gazebo Design

Opulent Roman Inspired Gazebo Design

This is an amazing inspiration for a gazebo. This structure may have been erected for a Roman-style garden or park and may have been used as a backdrop for wedding shots, dramatic photoshoots and more. This gazebo has a circular design with intricately-carved stones for posts. There are no walls and ceilings on this gazebo style. 

58) Classy and Traditional Gazebo for Special Events

Classy And Traditional Gazebo For Special Events

Not all homes have gazebos, therefore, having one in your own backyard or garden is a sign of opulence! And if you were to build one, a traditional design is your best bet. Not only will a traditional gazebo design beautify your outdoor area but it could be a fantastic outdoor venue for special events.

This is a gazebo with an octagonal area and design. It was built on a garden, to highlight the area and become the focal point of a home. Lovely plants grow beside this structure as green grass grows thick along the area.

The gazebo structure is simple yet classy with very open and balusters surrounding the perimeter of the structure. A large triangular roof lined with shingles is the best feature of this gazebo. A cupola sits on top of the structure which improves airflow inside the hollow roof. Use this as an inspiration for your next outdoor project.

59) Gazebo At The End of the Pier

Gazebo At The End Of The Pier

This is a dramatic backdrop for a gazebo with a large octagonal design. This structure has a classic design with narrow posts that hold the pointed and intricately-designed octagonal shingled roof. This has an open design with large frames and lowered balusters. The floor is made from tough lumber while the roof was constructed from wooden slats.

The deck that connects the gazebo to the beach is made of wood and is wide and long. And this is where weatherproofing comes handy because waterproofing paint or varnish protects the wood from the harsh sun and extreme salty air. All-in-all, this is a difficult project and should be handled by contractors. However, this can serve as inspiration for a future outdoor project.

60) How to Make a Gazebo

How To Make A Gazebo

If you are new to woodworking and making a gazebo seems complicated to you then you then this plan is best for you. This will let you construct a gazebo on a square area. This structure was erected on elevated wooden flooring and constructed over a cemented area on a yard or in a garden. This gazebo comes with a simple design as you can see on the blueprint below. The only thing quite complicated is the triangular roof that is steep as it is heavy.

This may be made of red cedar or any kind of hardwood as long as it’s waterproofed or weatherproofed. This simple design is from How To and if you have been on this site before, it is where you’ll find instructional information on how to make anything under the sun. This could be a good gazebo design may be your next woodworking project.


Gazebos are not just permanent outdoor installations but it’s a structure that speaks about your home or outdoor space. It gives life to a garden, it lets families and friends come together and it is where special memories are made. There are many gazebo designs and even far too many gazebo types, sizes, and styles.

The most common gazebo style is the classic octagonal shaped structure with an open-air design. Second to this traditional design is the rectangularly shaped gazebo that accommodates more people. You may also find oval-shaped, circular shaped and even pentagonal shaped creations which have impressive designs and plans.

By following a gazebo DIY plan, you will be able to learn how to construct gazebos with ease but not with a bit of difficulty. Most of the plans require more than just basic knowledge of woodworking as well as understanding the common strategies on how to build this kind of outdoor structure.

It is also very important to stress the value of waterproofing or weatherproofing your project. The reason why most gazebos that you see in malls, parks and in community centers look amazing despite their age is that these were mostly weatherproofed. With weatherproofing, you preserve the life of wood and help make your lovely outdoor creations stand the test of time.

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