53 Pallet Chair DIY Plans

11) Swing Chair

Via 99Pallets

This wonderful idea of a swing chair is one of my favorites on this list. Amazingly, if you have a bit of chain you can make this. Use wooden pallets as they are, no need to disassemble them and then attach a backrest. Make sure to screw your chains tightly and to make safety measurements. Also, when installing this, make sure it is installed somewhere it can hold the weight of those sitting on it.

12) Sofa Chair

Via 99Pallets

This DIY Pallet chair is easier to do than you think. No more reusing reclaimed wood or using high-end technology like a reciprocating saw in order to quickly and safely disassemble your pallets, because quite frankly, you won’t have to disassemble your pallets. This kind of pallet is called two way-entry and only have top slats. If you can’t find those kinds of wooden pallets you can opt to use ones with bottom slats but to be aesthetically pleasing, you would want to remove the slats or planks at the bottom.

13) Children’s Chair

Via 99Pallets

This chair can be easily DIY-ed from wooden pallet slats. All you need is a regularly sized pallet with at least 30 slats and disassemble it. After disassembly, you can nail them on two slats on each side and this will serve as the seat. A backrest can be done in the same manner. Add the legs by using two more slats. And sand the wood. After sanding you can finish with primer and paint.

14) Stool Chair

Via DesignMag

The process of this stool DIY starts with disassembly. Using the planks or slats from the disassembled wooden pallet, you can nail the planks together and make the seat. The legs are also made from other parts of the wooden pallets. To make the legs sturdier and less wobbly, you should add some four-way stretcher.

15) High Stool Chair

Via Youtube

These high stools look very elegant that you wouldn’t think they are made from wooden pallets. To be honest, the long and sturdy legs of these stools are from reclaimed wood, but you can also try using the side wood of the wooden pallets, but it would need a lot of sanding and work. The seat and the backrest can be made from cutting the planks and slats of the wooden pallet.

16) Table and Chairs Set

Via Pinterest

This wooden set of chairs and table can be completely made out of wooden pallets, although the solid flat board would have to come from a wooden block pallet and not the regular stringer or slat one. The chairs can also be done using crate boxes, usually found in the same vicinity of wooden pallets are they are both used in the same industry.

17) Lawn Table and Chair Set

Via Pinterest

This chair and table set is easier than the one it precedes in this list. These chairs do not need disassembly of slats or planks rather just cutting of the wooden pallet in sizes and dimensions that you’d like. As you can see, the back of these chairs is still like the bottom of a wooden pallet with just a top board. The table is a pallet with its stringer filled and has supported legs.

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18) Patio Chair

Via 99Pallets

This outdoor DIY pallet chair also does not require much disassembly of pallets. The backrest is the only part where you would need disassembled planks and slats from wooden pallets. The backrest should be the planks and slats properly nailed screwed or glued. You can also pair this chair with a wooden pallet table, also with no disassembly required.

19) Pallet Bench

Via Youtube

This YouTube instruction is very clear and easy to follow. This wooden pallet DIY chair is amazingly easy to do. The stringers from your wooden pallet can be used as the seat of this bench and the legs can be cut from other parts of the wooden pallet or another wooden pallet altogether.

20) Bench Pallet

Via Youtube

This wooden pallet DIY chair also does not much disassembly rather gluing, nailing and screwing of more wooden pallets together in order to achieve the height and volume of this chair. The armrests can be done by cutting some parts of the wooden pallets.

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