53 Pallet Chair DIY Plans

31) Two Chair

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These chairs are easily done with a pallet or two. Like the other ones on the list, this one requires you to cut the wooden pallets in sizes and dimensions that you would like.

32) Pallet Bench 2

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This pallet bench would require a little bit more experience on woodworking as its elegance comes from the design. This DIY can still be tried by anyone willing to try it and this YouTube video will provide you with everything you need to know.

33) Pallet Chair

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This brown outdoor chair can be made to look expensive by painting it. After disassembling your wooden pallet and doing this DIY woodwork chair, you can finish with brown paint to make it look like it was bought for a very expensive price, perfect for any house design.

If you need more than just pallets, it would be best if you use reclaimed wood and lumber as well. A good source of these scraps is construction sites. Discarded mattress box springs also have quality wood in them and are usually in great shape.

Do not be afraid to ask around and ask if you want to take a wooden pallet lying around. And you can even develop good relationships with your sources like construction sites or businesses if you’d like to keep up your DIY. Lastly, you could try online on Facebook or craigslist to find where there are free pallets.

34) Twin Chair 2

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These chairs are like most of the pairs on this list except that its backrest has a little more design. To achieve this, you can cut the disassembled wooden slats in different lengths and nail them in this order.

If you’re doing your DIY project because of a strict budget, you would benefit from using reclaimed wood and used pallet, so the question is where you get the free pallets and reclaimed wood. Here are a quick list and guideline. The best places to look for are garden stores and nurseries, pawn shops, shops that specialize in equipment supply and automotive and motorcycle shops. These shops would get their supplies in shipping pallets and crates.

35) Garden Chair

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This bench with a garden is a wonderful addition in your backyard. This long bench would need a reclaimed or regular wood as a frame and its seats would be the wooden slats from the disassembled wooden pallets. The garden at the sides and behind can also be made using the slats of the wooden pallets or wooden crate boxes.

36) Lawn Twin Chair

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This wooden twin chair is not only connected but also has an additional feature in the middle. This chair is mostly made out of sanded slats of wooden pallets.

If you do not know the standards of a pallet, here is a quick guideline. Sizes of standard pallets often vary from country to country and largely depends on the usage. The most common size is 36 by 36 inches and 42 by 42 inches and 48 by 48 inches. In the United States, the most common pallet is 20 by 48 inches.

37) Easy Chair 2

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This chair made out of pallet does not need any disassembly whatsoever. Cutting off one standard pallet into the desired size for the seat and the backrest would be done but not any more than that. This easy DIY is worth a try.

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38) Cheap Chair

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A bench made out of pallet does not have to be bare. This one has a pillow seat that makes it a lot more comfortable and elegant.

39) Rounded Chair

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This wooden pallet chair would require patience because of its design. But with the right tools and time, you can get your wooden pallet to look like this.

40) Lounge Chair 2

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This Adirondack chair has a beautiful frame made from reclaimed wood and a seat made from wooden pallet slats.

When DIY-ing wooden furniture from pallets, you should follow a really easy DIY process. First, choose the pallet that shows no sign of deterioration, or the still good quality. Because although older and deteriorated ones are easier to disassemble, its wood might be too damaged to repurpose or reuse.

If you get a good pallet, you can use up to 40 feet or 12 meters of good wood. Secondly, as I talked about using Sawzall, you shouldn’t try taking your wooden pallets apart with just regular tools. You can buy a demolition blade as well.

Then put some safety measures on like goggles and gloves. It is optional, but you can also use earplugs or ear protectors to reduce the risk of hearing loss. A bit of advice for you, prop up your pallet vertically and clamp it to a surface.

Find the two sides of the slats and start your saw. Cut on one side of the slat until all horizontal slats are cut loose and free of nails. Repeat process on the other side.

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