53 Pallet Chair DIY Plans

41) Lawn Bench

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This wooden pallet bench is really easy, make sure to find a wide pallet plank and use as a seat, or you can take a pair of smaller ones and glue together. Nail it on the legs that are also made of the wood.

42) Patio Chair 2

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These chairs are basically wooden pallets supported by little frames made from other reclaimed wood or other wooden pallets.

43) Colored Chair

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This chair used colored used wooden pallets, but you can opt not to use any colored wooden pallets especially if you can’t find them for free. You can finish this DIY by sanding it and applying primer before painting.

When you find colored pallets, we do not recommend its use because often times they are treated with chemicals for the pool industry. If you are having second thoughts about using used pallets then you can always buy a new one, they can be made from hardwood, elm, oak, cottonwood, or maple.

44) Round Chair

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This plan requires more expertise on woodworking as its design is a really fun and unconventional one. This rounded chair can be made exclusively from wooden pallets but you can choose to use other wood products.

When repurposing your wooden pallets and DIY-ing your furniture, you would need these basic tools: first, a hammer, because starting a DIY project without one is just not possible. Hammers is handy for all DIY projects and it is probably one of the cheapest tools in your toolbox. Types of hammers are drywall, roofing, framing, sledgehammers, ball peen, and bricklayers.

Make sure to choose the one you need for your project. A standard curved claw hammer would be handy. Second, you will need a saw, since DIY wooden pallet is basically woodworking, it is imperative that you cut your wood at one point or another.  A handsaw would suffice but you can invest in a jigsaw for more precise and powered cutting.

You can also opt for a circular saw, or a table saw. If you’re taking wooden pallet DIY’s seriously, you should invest in a reciprocating saw to disassemble quickly. Third, you should always have a tape measure Since DIY-ing your furniture would need this plan and measurements. This is an essential tool, but you might also want to get a T-square.

Next, you should already have screws and nails, these come in a variety for different DIY projects but for this, you would particularly want wood screws. If you’re getting screws, you should have a screwdriver too.

This handy tool is a must for any toolbox, so you should already have one. One more tool you should have is a drill, this is one of the most helpful tools when working on a DIY pallet project to drill holes on your planks.

You should also consider getting a sander, this is particularly, useful for preparing or finishing your wood to remove rough edges and splinters. Safety is important when making DIY projects so you should get safety goggles and gloves to avoid splinters and wood debris from injuring you.

45) Easy Chair 3

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The wood pallet from which this plan was made from was used and did not require disassembly. This project is one of the easiest in our plans list.

46) Swing Chair 2

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This swinging pallet chair is especially fun. Instead of chains, you can use rope and tie it to a big branch to make sure it can hold all the weight. Make sure the backrest is also safe and secured. A good foam and a few pillows would be the perfect final touch for this project.

47) Three-Pallet Chair

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This chair is a collection of three pallets for its seat and three more halves for its backrest. The slanting design of this chair is perfect for sunbathing.

If there are no stamp markings on the pallet, it is probably because it was used for domestic transport and would most likely be safe from treatment chemicals. But it is better to be careful and use pallets with stamps in order to track down how they were treated.

48) Pink Chair

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This Adirondack chair is a perfect example of a DIY wooden pallet chair. All of its parts come from wooden pallets and is finished with pink paint on top.

When working with wooden pallets you might want to try familiarizing with terms that would help you find your desired wood. Here is a quick list of some things that you should find: a wooden pallet is comprised of top boards, stringers, and a bottom board, a skid, on the other hand, is only a top board with stringers. A crate is a wooden frame with plywood walls. A-frames are wooden supports with side decks. All these are good for wooden DIY projects.

49) Cute Chair

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This Adirondack bench is versatile and is not like the other Adirondack on out list. This bench’s long frame is half a wooden pallet as well as its backrest. Finished with some design and a seat foam.

List of tools that could be helpful for your next pallet project:

Prybar, chop saw, wood chisel, clamps, nail punch, hand plane, a reciprocating saw, draw knife, bolt cutters, spokeshave, custom built prybar, pallet tool and vice grip.

50) Cozy Canopy Chair

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This Wooden pallet canopy chair is one of my favorites. This elegant and fun looking DIY project is made out of wooden pallets. This is super cozy and comfortable looking for a cheap budget and a bit time.

If you’re up for this project, you should know that the pallets you’ll find would have stamps on them, this is a quick list on what they mean: IPPC is a regulations council for these wooden pallets if there are two letters, that would represent an ISO country code. And numbers would represent the certification number.

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