53 Pallet Chair DIY Plans

51) Outdoor Chair Set

Via Easy Pallet Ideas

This outdoors set is also a perfect DIY wooden pallet project. Finished with white paint, this project is an elegant touch to your outdoors.

Knowing components of the wood you’re going to is useful so here is a quick list on the component of the wood you’re using. The top board is a flat and wide board fastened to the upper part of the pallet. Bottom boards are the flat boards under. Stringers are the long and vertical planks of the pallets. Notched stringers are stringers with spaced notches and blocks are square or sometime rectangularly shaped boards used in block pallets rather than stringers.

52) Hangout Chair

Via The Sassy Sparrow

This indoor bench is perfect for a hangout place. Its height can be achieved by using multiple wooden pallets. The top that serves as the seat and the backrest are finished with paint.

If you’re going to go ahead and make this amazing pallet project, it is important to know if the used pallet you’re using is safe to use. So how do you know if your wood pallet is safe to use for your DIY project?

There are possible dangers of using shipping pallets for your DIY projects. If your pallets will be used near foods, you might want to recheck since some pallets have toxic chemicals or have been exposed to the chemical treatment.

Any pallet you find may have been exposed to chemicals and include toxic chemical residue, or it may have been fumigated with toxic insecticides to prevent insect infestation.

53) Outdoor Chair 2

Via placeofmytaste

This bench is simply made out of wooden pallets without any change to its design. Except that it was finished with varnish.

As we said, you should check your wooden pallets, here is a quick guideline on doing it: first, determine if it is relatively clean without any signs of spills or leakage of either oil, food or unknown substance. Second, you should look at the stamp and markings on the pallet since almost all pallets do have stamps that can be found on one of its sides.

It would be good if it has the IPPC logo or the International Plant Protection Convention as it will not carry invasive species or plant disease. If it has the stamp of HT or heat treatment, then it was heated for at least 30 minutes and is safe to use.

If it has the stamp MB for Chemical Fumigation, do not use it anywhere near food because it was fumigated with a chemical called methyl bromide. Lastly, you can find a DB or debarked mark on pallets and it means that it was debarked under IPPC rules and regulations. So, if you’re going to use a pallet, use the one with HT stamped on it.


If you’re working on a DIY, it would be best if you start with the following tools. Sandpaper and sander, it is essential to sand your furniture for a lot of different reason as aesthetic and safety.  Hard-to-remove varnish, lacquer and other multiple layers of paint can be removed with low-grit sandpaper.

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Have wood putty and putty knife handy as well to cover any dents, cracks or dings. So, if there are small chunks of wood that needs to be filled in you can do so with a putty. A primer is also important to have.

Before painting your DIY furniture, you must first apply primer on it or you can opt for the paint with primer. This helps the paint stick to the wood better and ensures the colors. If you are using dark colored paint you better use a gray primer, if you’re painting your furniture light, then purchase white.

Depending on the condition and original color of the wood, you may need or want to apply up to three layers of primer. You should also have brushes and paint in hand if you’re doing your DIY from scratch a.k.a wooden pallet but purchase just enough for your project.

Lastly, you should have varnish and to help finish your DIY project and protect the furniture from external elements.

Overall, this list serves as a design plan list that you can try out for yourself whether you are into DIY or in-need of a new furniture and are on a strict budget. Sometimes, used wooden pallets and reclaimed wood can do wonders.

So, what did you think of this list? Tell us in the comments section. And make sure to watch out for more lists.

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