70 Pallet Fence DIY Plans

11) Garden Fence Made from Pallet Wood

This is a whimsical pallet fence that was used indoors. It looks like it may be a decorative fence or just used to decorate the room though with its cute colorful stars and other decorative items. This small gate has a lot of possibilities.

You can use this design to make a larger and wider gate to use as a pet fence indoors. It can also be used as a safety fence for toddlers as well. You can paint this fence according to the color of your room or just stain it to bring out the natural beauty of pallets.


12) Pallet Wood Shelves


13) Pallet Fence to Cover Large Pool Pump

A pallet fence can be made larger, wider and stronger to cover an eyesore in your yard. This particular pallet fence was able to cover an ugly, large swimming pool pump found in the middle of the yard. The fence was made from tightly-spaced pallets arranged in a vertical as well as a horizontal manner.

A large letter B made of pallet wood was placed in the middle of the fence which has made this a more personalized project. How to make this perfect-looking letter? A jigsaw and a stencil will make this lovely letter and more shapes and patterns easily.


14) Entrance and Fence From Reclaimed Pallet Wood

A fence can also serve as a decorative part of your garden. It can also serve as a frame for flowering plants and vines to grow on. This fence is wide and covers a large area. The arches were also made from pallets which mean the fence is light and easy to work with. You can easily construct this with its very easy design but no doubt it can take a while to complete because of its size.


15) Pallet Picket Fence

This pallet fence is obviously for this dog to stay in one place. This is made from pallets which were reinforced in all sections especially along the posts. The fence was painted brown to contrast the bright green grass.

But if you were to make a fence for a dog, you must consider a few important things. If your dog is tall and large, he can easily climb up or jump off this fence. A very frisky dog can dig out of this fence too. Good, well- constructed posts are essential if you want to build a strong fence for a dog.

You can build this kind of fence in just a few hours. As long as you have complete materials and strong posts, you are on the right track.


16) What a Very Simple Pallet Gate

This is a very simple gate made out of a few pallet sections. This gate has an aluminum screen to keep off people and animals from the property. It has large posts on each side which were probably placed deep into the ground. The gate has a very basic design.

There are a frame and a middle section which should be very strong enough to hold the gate well. This is very light so won’t have to do much lifting to open and close the gate. Simple as this may be, you must apply a coat of stain to the wood to waterproof it. The stain will also protect it from wear especially from the harsh rays of the sun. This basic gate design is easy and should not take you hours to do.


17) Pallet Warehouse and Fence

Pallet wood can be used to build all kinds of things especially a fence but this project adds a temporary shelter/warehouse like this one. You need a lot of pallets to complete this project. It looks like the fence here was made to shield and protect the property because it was made high and wide.

The pallets were closely arranged too to provide complete privacy. There is no doubt that the plans to make this fence and warehouse is very easy however it could take a lot of time to work on all these. You can improve this design by painting or staining wood to protect it from the elements.

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18) Backyard Fence Made from Pallets

What a lovely backyard fence. This pallet fence is clean, evenly-spaced and provides protection and security in the area. You can see that this moderately-high fence is very tightly-spaced and keeps off people and predators as well.

You could be growing juicy vegetables and luscious herbs inside this fence and no one needs to know about it. This fence has a very basic design that you can make in just a day. You won’t need to be an expert woodworker to make this.


19) Front Yard Pallet Fence

This is a fence that spans a large property. It is made from pallets and large pieces of lumber for the posts and handles. You can tell that the fence was also set to support anyone walking the incline towards the property.

The posts for this fence were dug deeper to support this type of fence. The pallets, on the other hand, are hanging as you can see. There’s nothing to hold these pallets than these posts. And if you want to follow this design you need a number of pallets to start.  


20) Pallet Fence for a Garden

Fences can provide privacy. Along fence can make your large yard into a private area where you can sit, relax and even lounge the afternoon away. You can see here that a large section of the garden was covered using this tall pallet fence.

The pallets were arranged closely so there’s hardly anything to see when you are at the back. And aside from creating a private area, this fence was also able to provide protection to a few lovely blooms found along the perimeter of the area.

This is certainly a very easy project that you can actually make in just a few hours. The pallets here were stained in a dark shade to protect it from the sun and rain and to keep the natural beauty of pallet wood.


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