75 Pallet Garden DIY Ideas

21) Indoor Pallet Garden

Is this pallet heaven? Just imagine having your own indoor garden made with pallet wood. Here is an inspiration from a very busy bee indeed as he constructed built-in pallets for every part of this room. Call this room the “living” room because everything here is full of life.

You can find planters, vertical growing brackets and flower beds made from pallet wood. But what’s very important when using pallet wood for indoor garden  use is that this wood is susceptible to rot therefore you need to protect your wood from water damage by applying wood stain or varnish. This will also enhance the lovely natural appearance of pallet wood.

22) The Cedar Pallet Planter

This pallet planter looks very colorful as it props against the wall. The colorful plants seem to be welcoming you home. Pallet frames like this one naturally have sections that can hold stuff like small pots. These sections are perfect for holding plants and at the same time will let you carry these plants anywhere in one pull. This setting lets you grow all kinds of plants, flowering plants, herbs, and veggies. 

23) The Self-Supported Pallet Herb Garden

This is a pallet shelf that supports all kinds of plants and planters. The frame is strong and can help you prop plants against the wall. This design works great when you don’t have enough space on the ground to grow plants. It is suitable for homes with no backyard or gardens as well.

And because it uses only a few pallets, you can build one easily. There’s no need to use complicated tools to build these and you can bet that you will construct these frames quickly as well.

24) Standalone Pallet Garden

This structure is a small garden in itself. It is a potting shed, a raised bed, and a vertical planter. This design proves that pallet wood is so versatile. With pallet wood, you can construct all kinds of garden structures without spending money.

Most gardeners who use pallets get their materials from stores and businesses that use them. You can also get these at a cheap price in some wholesale home builder’s store. And no matter where  you get your pallets make sure that you use only strong, durable and mold-free pallets to ensure the safety and health of your plants.

25) Pallet Planter Hanger

Let a bare outside wall come to life with these lovely planter hangers. These hangers were constructed from two large pallet frames, cut and painted white. Plastic planters with hooks were used to grow flowering plants. These planters can easily latch onto the pallet.

You can decorate your wall with several of these planter hangers and wait till your flowering plants are in full bloom. These will look like floating flowers by the time the plants and the flowers become thicker.

26) The Bottle and Herb Plant Garden

One way to recycle plastic bottles is to make a planter out of them. These are herbs planted on old and empty water bottles which were attached to a wall of pallet frames. The pallets have a lot of slots to hold a large number of water bottles so overcrowding is not a problem at all.

And as your herbs grow and become thicker, you will have a lovely wall of greens just ready to be used for cooking or medicine. One good tip: grow herbs that you will actually use and not just herbs that look good or smell good.

27) The Vertical Plant Herb Garden

Unlike other vertical plant gardens, this herb station stands on its own and not against other planters. The planer was made from pallet sections and was simply painted a dark color so that the surface of the pallets can be labeled with chalk.

This herb pallet planter comes with legs and supports so it can stand anywhere, so you can take it anywhere as well. And because this has a simple design, you can definitely build this in just a matter of minutes. It is made from recycled wood so you spend close to nothing with this design

28) The Planter Pallet Wall

Do you have a bare wall at your backyard? Would you like to transform this into a decorative planter wall? This pallet wall is going to be a hit. It is made from pallet frames which were installed against the wall where wooden planters can be attached.

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The planters are also made of pallet wood so everything looks like a seamless wall of light brown and green. The plants here receive a lot of sunshine and water especially those that are placed at the top of the planter.

The plants located at the bottom should be plants that don’t require much sunlight and watering. Plants give off clean oxygen and can purify air too. You can place pallet wall planters across your garden wall to make a huge living and oxygen-giving wall.

29) The Pallet Garden Paradise

This is truly pallet paradise with plenty of room for garden plants to grow and thrive. This is a section of a garden built entirely of pallets with pallet planters, hangers, vertical gardens and so on. A comfortable lounge chair was placed in the middle of this

lovely outdoor paradise. You can sit here, soak up some sun and simply admire your work. You can make this design better by constructing a larger pallet flooring and vertical planter wall and by  adding more chairs and a utility  table as well. 

30) Raised Garden Bed

This is a raised garden bed made from pallet wood. The pieces were arranged to look like shutters and these pieces are able to hold the soil for a neat garden bed and allows air to move in and out the bed as well because of its design.

A raised bed is commonly used for planting vegetables and herbs but most of the time, it’s going to be hard to hold earth this way. Using a pallet wall from every side of the bed lets you hold the soil well and protect your plants’ roots as well. This is a very easy project that you can make in less than an hour or so. You don’t need any special tool to build this too so you won’t spend anything at all.


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