75 Pallet Headboard DIY Plans

11) Tall and Wide Headboard Made from Pallet Wood

This is another headboard pallet but this time the pallets were given a moderate-colored stain, almost brown stain. This was sure because it has to compliment the light color of the room walls.

This is a tall headboard made almost the high to the ceiling. The pallets used are wide and long therefore you might have to use several pallets for this project. This was made for a twin bed so you might also need to adjust this design according to the size of your own bed.

And you can improve this design by making this headboard larger and wider, possibly creating a ledge on top to accommodate a few things.

12) Salvaged Pallet Frames as Headboards

Made from only a few pallet frames, this design is definitely one of the best. The frames used for this project were cut cross-sectionally and were given a very dark stain. The dark stain complements the light wall and at the same time highlights the natural beauty of the pallet wood.

The pallets were simply stacked and arranged in a very simple manner. There was no need to dismantle the pallets at all. And it looks like that this room belongs to a little boy which explains the small bed and the very manly accessories scattered all over the room. This is, of course, a very easy project to make and you can build this in just a day with these plans.  

13) Lovely DIY Pallet Headboard Idea

This is a headboard is made of two sections. The bottom part was made from large rough pallets in a vertical position while the top part was made from smoother pallets in a horizontal position. The two create a stark contrast but nevertheless was able to make the bed and the room more comfortable.

The builder/designer even made a ledge on top of the vertical pallets where frames, candles, and other accessories may be placed. The flat, smooth pallets on top were given a slight stain which creates a dramatic effect. You can still see the natural swirls and curves of the pallets, what more when the candles are lit?

14) Headboard Pallet DIY Plans

This is a headboard that has been severely distressed. This is large, with cracks, holes and ripped out portions that you might think that it won’t survive any project at all. This is short though and it barely reaches the middle of the wall of the room. This pallet headboard frames the bed along with two identical cabinet shelves on each side of the bed.

Despite its appearance, this headboard is quite easy to make. Distressing the wood is the first step though. The wood was hammered, stabbed with a screwdriver (probably) and even hit by chains just to create a distressed appearance. Staining it twice or even thrice with a very dark stain has made it this way.

15) DIY Wood Pallet Headboard for Double Bed

This is a simple headboard made from several long planks or pallets. The wood looks very light and soft, even lighter than the light wall. A drawing of a silhouette of a tree branch and some birds were added to the frame making this design look playful and inviting.

This is a very easy design though because it is made from planks and was only attached to the wall so there’s nothing much to do here at all. You can replace the art on the headboard and make your own. You can use stencils to add shapes and letters or you can freehand with different colors of paint and a brush.

16) Curved DIY Pallet Headboard

This pallet headboard has a unique curved design. This lovely design can be achieved by cutting the planks with a jigsaw or a circular saw. The design looks rustic and chic, definitely a room that’s perfect for a girl or for a female guest.

The pallets were arranged in such a way that the different natural colors can be admired. A very light stain was added on the headboard surface which was just enough for the lovely natural curves and colors of the pallet wood to shine through.

This is a design that’s not too hard to make. As long as you have complete materials and the right tools, you will be able to construct this in a matter of hours.

17) Rustic and Chic Headboard

This pallet wood headboard looks pretty retro and awesome. This is made from pallets which were painted in bright orange and brown colors. The theme of this room is basically orange, yellow and brown and the designer has made these colors appear on the headboard using paint.

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There are a few things to remember when using color in any room. First, consider the accent color and use your headboard as contrast. Sprinkle the accent color all over the room; on the pillows, frames, lamps and more. Use different color shades of the accent color. This is a rustic pallet DIY headboard that you can make in just minutes using very simple materials and tools.

18) Very Easy Wood Pallet Headboard

This is a very easy pallet headboard that was made of about four frames. The stark white frames provide contrast to the white striped walls. The plain teal colored sheets also provide contrast to the plain walls and headboard.

This is a really an easy project that you won’t have to sweat it out to complete. Remember to clean your pallets well before you use them. And as you can see here, light-colored pallets were used. But you can mix light and dark colored pallets if you wish or even stain these for a dark-colored headboard design.

19) The Classy Pallet Headboard

This awesome headboard design makes use of the entire width of the room. The pallets extend from end to end creating a lovely light spectacle. Pallet boxes were also used to create storage on each side of the bed. Lighting was of the utmost importance here as the back of the frames and sides of the bed were all flooded with warm lighting.

This headboard project is so easy to make. You need at least four or more pallet frames for the headboard and the side tables and of course, you also need lamps and LED lights to illuminate the back. Overall, this is a fantastic design that you must consider as your next woodworking project.

20) Lone Star Pallet Headboard Design

This is a headboard design that was stained a very dark color with the shape of a red star in the middle. This was made from pallet wood of different lengths and was installed high, almost reaching the top of the ceiling.

You can tell that this pallet headboard was made for a large room, possibly a master’s bedroom because of its size. But despite its size and design, this is a fairly easy design which can be done in just a few hours. To improve this headboard design, you can make the stain lighter and the lamps brighter to create a warm and inviting look.   

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