80 Pallet Shelf DIY Plans

41) Kitchen Unit with Shelves and Holders

Let’s face it, there’s just so many things to keep in the kitchen! There’s too many utensils, tableware, pots, pans, lids and all other equipment that there’s hardly enough room for all. What you need is this versatile kitchen unit with shelves and holders.

This was made from pallet wood which was made to hold all kind of kitchen materials and utensils. The main section is where utensils can be hung on hooks while the top is a spice rack and condiments shelf. This can be placed on a wall in your kitchen or near the stove to easily get anything you need to cook or bake.

There are many ways to upgrade this kit and one way is to paint it a color that matches your kitchen wall and to make this larger to accommodate more kitchen items.


42) Decorative Shelf Rack

Antique plates or decorative plates are very valuable and no doubt are collectible items. If you want to show a few pieces to guests or you want to display some in your kitchen or dining area then this shelf rack should do the trick.

This rack is made from pallet wood and can hold several small plates and other decorations at a time. The plates are safe in the rack because a piece of wood will keep it from falling and from any unnecessary movement.

This display rack can be used to display all kinds of valuable items as well and is very easy to build out of pallet frames. You don’t need to be an expert to make this rack and in fact, you can build one in less than an hour.

43) Floating Shelf

Over the years you may have accumulated so many stuff that’s it’s difficult to tell which ones you would rather keep or which ones you would rather throw away. And when you think about things that you love, you would want near always, this floating pallet shelf can help you store these neatly.

This shelf may be small but it can hold keepsakes, photographs, souvenirs or any other small items that you hold dear. This is made from only a few pallet pieces and is very easy to make so you can have a place to store and display your favorite things.

You can place this anywhere in your house and can be built in just a few hours even if you are new to woodworking.

44) Floating Shelf

So where to place souvenir photos? This convenient floating pallet shelf is your answer. This shelf is made from half the section of a pallet frame. The frame was cleaned and stained a very light stain to let the wood retain its light glow.

Removing the outer section of pallet frames this way lets you use the inner part for almost anything, like this convenient shelf.

Once on the wall, the shelf becomes a suitable area to place photographs, souvenir items and other accessories you want to display. However, because the inner sections have very narrow pallets spaces, you must make sure that the items placed on them are safe and would not easily fall from the shelf. This design is very easy therefore this is also very easy to make.

45) Lovely Shelf

This is a very small, very narrow pallet shelf that will great you as you arrive home. It is made of a few pallet kinds of wood, assembled and made to hold small items. It does not really hold things but only serves as decoration for a bare section of your home.

You can improve this by making the shelf more functional. The shelf should be larger, longer and more versatile. Aside from just staining wood, you can paint it the color  you wish. This pallet shelf has a very simple, very straightforward design and can be constructed even by someone new to woodworking.


46) Rustic Shelf

If you are looking for a chic and rustic shelf to store and display your stuff the best one has to be a simple shelf like these. These shelves were made from a few pieces of pallet wood and therefore very easy to make.

These mini storage systems offer a safe display shelf for your beloved items. You don’t need to worry about your things falling, breaking or shaking because these shelves are very safe. And aside from storing valuable items, you can also use this to keep everyday stuff like books, decorations, toys or kitchen items.


47) Rustic Shelf Design

This shelf may be small but it has lots of uses. Remember losing gadgets like your phone, music player or your headset? You can place these all inside this pallet shelf. You can use this to keep books, small accessories, kitchen items, trinkets or even valuable items.

This shelf is so easy to make that you don’t need to be a skillful woodworker to build one. And because it is so easy to make you can finish one in minutes. You can also stain this a light or dark stain to protect the wood and to enhance the natural beauty of pallet wood.

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Pallet wood pieces are naturally lovely and stains or varnish can help bring out this natural appearance of wood.

48) Pallet Shelf and Towel Rack

One of the toughest areas to maintain in a home is the bathroom. Why is it so? This is a general area that everyone uses. It’s very easy for any bathroom to get very untidy especially after someone takes a bath.

To help you clean up and reclaim order, this pallet shelf and towel rack should be in your bathroom wall. This is a simple pallet shelf with storage space at the top and a convenient towel rack at the bottom.

The top shelf can store anything your family needs like soap, shampoo bottles, shaving kits, hair accessories and more. It can also keep clean towels and robes. The lower part is where you can hang up to two towels at a time.

You can hang this handy, rustic shelf and rack in any bathroom but will surely be a nice addition to a bathroom with a country chic design.


49) Rustic Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors may be upgraded too. Instead of being a boring, ordinary place to dress up or do your makeup every morning, you can use pallets to frame it. You can also build a small shelf at the bottom of the mirror and this will serve as a storage space for anything you need as you dress up or makeup.

You can store a shaving kit, your makeup kit, potions, lotions and other grooming items. This shelf and mirror can be installed anywhere; in the bathroom, bedroom or in your dressing room. It is very easy to make and this plan can help you build one in possibly less than an hour.


50) Shelves and Rack Ideas

Create a handy storage shelf or rack in minutes with this handy plan. This DIY plan can guide you with the basic steps on how to make this pallet shelf. As you can see this is a very simple shelf but has sections where you can place different items. In this photo, it was used as a display rack but you can also use this in so many ways.

You can use this as a wine rack, a spice rack, a bookshelf, a photo shelf, a medicine cabinet, bathroom shelf and more. It is very easy to make too.

You just need a complete pallet frame, cut it to expose the inner shelves and stain it. In this project, the builder stained this frame ever so lightly, not too much to make it look very dark and vintage. But you can paint this any color you wish as well.   


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