80 Pallet Shelf DIY Plans

61) Rustic Wall Hanging Shelf

You can make almost any kind of shelf with a pallet shelf. This is a hanging shelf that can save you space and time. It can store all kinds of things like wine bottles, spice bottles, books, toys, photographs and other important stuff.

This is very convenient to use and is made from only a few pallet sections. One of the most interesting things about pallet shelves like this is that it’s very light. You can easily assemble and attach it to a wall without breaking your back. Try doing this with an oak or cedar wood shelf!

But despite being lightweight, you must place careful attention not just on the shelf but on the wall where you will attach your pallet shelf. It must be strong and capable of holding more weight as you fill your shelf with stuff. Never place it in a wooden wall, if possible, attach it to a cement wall to ensure strength.


62) Decorative Shelf with Lamp

There are storage shelves and there are decorative shelves. This one is the later with barely enough room for anything because it’s so small. But it serves as a place to store small items like souvenirs, small decorations, and accessories and is a place to hold a lamp.


63) Thenest Shelves

This is a pallet shelf where you can place all kinds of accessories like photographs, flower vases, souvenirs and more. You can also use this as a bookshelf to hold your favorite books so these would be easy to find. This is a good place to hold small items in a bathroom such as small towels, tissues, soaps and scented candles. This is very easy to make and won’t take you too much time to do so.


64) Floating Wall Shelf

Do you know how floating shelves are made? Find out by checking out the plans for this shelf. This looks very neat, classy and very modern. Even if this is just a piece of pallet wood it can hold some small items like these small vases. It is a very easy project and you can have it built in no time.

65) Handcrafted Shelf

This is a cute handcrafted pallet shelf that was made of only four pallets. This has only one shelf but can hold a few items like this souvenir candle, vases with incense and more. This may only look like a decorative pallet shelf piece but you can also use this to hold books, a vase, some plants and more. Pallets used to make this shelf came from recycled wood so basically, this project costs $0 to make.


66) Wine Rack Plans

This wine rack is small but can accommodate up to nine bottles of your favorite wines. This is a huge rack made entirely of pallet wood which may be installed in your dining room, kitchen or entertainment room. It even has a section at the bottom of the rack to hold your wine glasses.

This is quite an easy project because if you have noticed, this rack was made from the edge of a pallet frame. The frame was cut, lightly stained and attached to the wall. A jigsaw was used to create notches at the bottom to hold the wine glasses in place.


67) Hall Shelf Plans

This pallet shelf greets you as you arrive at your bedroom or bath. This is a cute shelf has a small space to store stuff but serves its purpose as a welcome décor. It can handle a vase with a few flowers and a basket of towelettes. This shelf is made of only a few pallet pieces you can see that it is only held by a piece of string.

You can make this better by making the shelf larger and wider. You can stain this to make it looks lovelier or you can paint this to match your wall color.


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68) Shelf Coat Rack

This is a cute shelf made of only a few pieces of pallets. This has a small shelf to hold different items on top and a bottom section where hooks may be installed to hang your hat, jacket or shawl.

This is a very easy project that you can make in just a few hours. Take note that the top portion of this shelf has a curved design. You can design your own shelf rack if you wish to personalize this even more.

And instead of just staining it a dark shade, you can paint it with your favorite color or any fun shade you wish to use. Make this an inviting décor that will greet you every time you come home.


69) Rustic Shelves Plan

This is a rustic pallet shelf with three sections that will surely bring your bathroom to life. It has large sections where you can place different accessories like soaps, towels, bottles of shampoo and more. You can see that there are only a few pallets used to make this pallet shelf.

And to hold this shelf against the wall, two large vintage hooks were used. You can improve this pallet shelf by making it larger, wider and with more storage areas. And instead of a natural look, you can paint it or stain it according to the shade you want.


70) Garden Shelf

This pallet shelf has been made to accommodate garden equipment and some plants. You can see that this was simply a pallet frame securely attached on the wall of a patio or garage. Large hooks were used so you can hang large garden equipment and tools like a spade, shovels, rakes and more.

A large holder was placed at the bottom section to hold a large hose and of course, smallholders at the top were used to accommodate small flowering plants. Definitely, a garden pallet shelf that’s worth your next woodworking project.


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