Easy To Do Playhouse Diy Plan By Jen Wood House

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  1. 1) Easy-to-do Playhouse DIY Plan by Jen wood House
  2. 2) Simple Playhouse by Instructables
  3. 3) Simple Outdoor DIY Playhouse Plan by How to Specialist
  4. 4) Wendy Playhouse by BuildEazy
  5. 5) Georgia Pacific Traditional Playhouse by Platinum Project Plans
  6. 6) Shed DIY Playhouse
  7. 7) Pallet Playhouse by Instructables #1
  8. 8) Pallets Playhouse by Instructables #2
  9. 9) Rustic Pallet Playhouse by Built By Kids
  10. 10) Naturally Cool Playhouse
  11. 11) Log Cabin Playhouse
  12. 12) Malaysian-inspired Playhouse
  13. 13) Kids Fort Playhouse by HGTV
  14. 14) Clubhouse Castle Playhouse by Instructables
  15. 15) Princess Playhouse
  16. 16) Playhouse with a Slide
  17. 17) Luxury Playhouse by Smart Playhouse
  18. 18) Puzzle Playhouse by SND
  19. 19) Kyoto Playhouse by Smart Playhouse
  20. 20) Hobbit Hole Playhouse
  21. 21) Saloon Playhouse by The Owner Builder Network
  22. 22) Pirate Treehouse Fort Playhouse
  23. 23) A-Frame DIY Playhouse
  24. 24) Repurposed Modern Playhouse
  25. 25) Triangular DIY Playhouse
  26. 26) Fun Reading Nook Playhouse
  27. 27) Indoor Playhouse
  28. 28) DIY Playhouse by Ikea Hackers
  29. 29) Tree Playhouse by Made With Happy
  30. 30) Handmade Hideaway Playhouse
  31. 31) Purple Playhouse by Ana White
  32. 32) Playhouse Fort by Instructables
  33. 33) Playhouse by Imgur
  34. 34) Playhouse with Swing Set by Our Fifth House
  35. 35) DIY Clubhouse Playhouse
  36. 36) Elevated Playhouse
  37. 37) Cottage Playhouse with Slide
  38. 38) Modern Outdoor Playhouse Plan by Sweetpotato Peachtree
  39. 39) PVC Pipe Fort Playhouse
  40. 40) BuildDirect Playhouse Plans
  41. 41) Lighthouse Playhouse by Cherry Tree Toys 
  42. 42) The Stump House
  43. 43) Playhouse by Rogue Engineer
  44. Conclusion
Gazebo Plans
Gazebo Plans

41) Lighthouse Playhouse by Cherry Tree Toys 

Lighthouse Playhouse By Cherry Tree Toys

Kids just love playing outdoors. Having a playhouse makes your children popular in the neighborhood. Not everybody can build a unique playhouse. But building one for your kids using this plan will definitely surprise them! The structure of this playhouse is impressive to build. The lighthouse playhouse has a very detailed plan and clear instructions most especially when it comes to dimension for each piece. It also illustrates how to properly cut the rafters for the roofing. There is no special tool needed.

This playhouse measures 8 by 8 feet and the ceiling has a 5 feet measurement on the first floor. The second floor has plenty of headroom. The doors are doubled on the back for easier entry and exit. Your kids will surely love this playhouse because it is unique from other playhouses.

Helpful Link: https://cherrytreetoys.com/lighthouse-playhouse-plan/

42) The Stump House

The Stump House

These days there are so many comfortable playhouse designs available to comfort kids zone. Among the listing pocket-friendly designs the stump house is also ranked. This can be easily constructed over the old tree stump, which is not too high from the ground level. The stump house designs are actually made of repurposed flat wooden straws. Such wooden pallets cost $30 which is not that expensive idea to innovate a playhouse design.

Despite this, you can comfort the stump house with other funky and luxurious items like carpets, cushions, pillows, stuff toys, cozy blankets, glittering Christmas lights, cartoon lampshades and more. Your kids will surely love to stay and play in this beautiful playhouse. It is simple yet will be memorable for your kids. It is easy to build and you can also get help from your little ones which also serves as your bonding moment with them.

Helpful Link: https://homesthetics.net/diy-playhouse-plans/

43) Playhouse by Rogue Engineer

Playhouse By Rogue Engineer

Playhouse is a dream castle for every daddy’s little princess. Every girl is just fond of it, having such shiny memories later to share with other kids. There are various designs and techniques to construct a playhouse, but the best is when you can simply transport it to many locations nearby. It sounds challenging to design such kind of durable playhouse but yet easy. If you have innovative ideas, then you need to keep things prepared to construct a movable playhouse for your children. It should be cute, colorful, funky for little ones to play in.

The materials like the paint, the project idea with kids, favorite tones and interest can help you to build a new playhouse plan which is a durable and real-life playhouse. Many DIY video and designs will make you your children’s best playhouse engineer that will also glance at your childhood.

Helpful Link: https://rogueengineer.com/diy-playhouse-plans/


A playhouse is a great place for children to play and explore the world. Building your own children’s playhouse is a bonding experience for parents and children. You can choose from any of these playhouses or they can be s your basis for your next project. It is a good idea using the available materials you can find at home like old pallets, wood, boards, and other creative materials to make your playhouse unique and functional, allowing your kids to also enjoy the process. Your kids will surely love playing in a playhouse built by you!

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