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  1. 1) Easy-to-do Playhouse DIY Plan by Jen wood House
  2. 2) Simple Playhouse by Instructables
  3. 3) Simple Outdoor DIY Playhouse Plan by How to Specialist
  4. 4) Wendy Playhouse by BuildEazy
  5. 5) Georgia Pacific Traditional Playhouse by Platinum Project Plans
  6. 6) Shed DIY Playhouse
  7. 7) Pallet Playhouse by Instructables #1
  8. 8) Pallets Playhouse by Instructables #2
  9. 9) Rustic Pallet Playhouse by Built By Kids
  10. 10) Naturally Cool Playhouse
  11. 11) Log Cabin Playhouse
  12. 12) Malaysian-inspired Playhouse
  13. 13) Kids Fort Playhouse by HGTV
  14. 14) Clubhouse Castle Playhouse by Instructables
  15. 15) Princess Playhouse
  16. 16) Playhouse with a Slide
  17. 17) Luxury Playhouse by Smart Playhouse
  18. 18) Puzzle Playhouse by SND
  19. 19) Kyoto Playhouse by Smart Playhouse
  20. 20) Hobbit Hole Playhouse
  21. 21) Saloon Playhouse by The Owner Builder Network
  22. 22) Pirate Treehouse Fort Playhouse
  23. 23) A-Frame DIY Playhouse
  24. 24) Repurposed Modern Playhouse
  25. 25) Triangular DIY Playhouse
  26. 26) Fun Reading Nook Playhouse
  27. 27) Indoor Playhouse
  28. 28) DIY Playhouse by Ikea Hackers
  29. 29) Tree Playhouse by Made With Happy
  30. 30) Handmade Hideaway Playhouse
  31. 31) Purple Playhouse by Ana White
  32. 32) Playhouse Fort by Instructables
  33. 33) Playhouse by Imgur
  34. 34) Playhouse with Swing Set by Our Fifth House
  35. 35) DIY Clubhouse Playhouse
  36. 36) Elevated Playhouse
  37. 37) Cottage Playhouse with Slide
  38. 38) Modern Outdoor Playhouse Plan by Sweetpotato Peachtree
  39. 39) PVC Pipe Fort Playhouse
  40. 40) BuildDirect Playhouse Plans
  41. 41) Lighthouse Playhouse by Cherry Tree Toys 
  42. 42) The Stump House
  43. 43) Playhouse by Rogue Engineer
  44. Conclusion
Gazebo Plans
Gazebo Plans

21) Saloon Playhouse by The Owner Builder Network

Saloon Playhouse By The Owner Builder Network 1
Saloon Playhouse By The Owner Builder Network 2

If you want a country-style playhouse for your little ones to experience being cowboys and cowgirls. This beautiful playhouse has a Wild West theme. It is simple and quick to build this saloon. You can even use old wood to add a dingy look to your children’s playhouse. You can attach cardboard cutouts or picture frames of Wile E. or Yosemite Sam. Let your children’s imagination run wild.

Rather than purchasing, the owners just decided to build their own saloon playhouse and created a very simple structural plan. In this project, cedar wood and recycled pine fence palings were used, making it sturdy and nice. It will surely last until your children are grown up. Using recycled materials can lower the cost. It is also possible to build this playhouse with your kids because it is so simple to do so, making it as your bonding experience.

Helpful Links: http://project.theownerbuildernetwork.co/2014/10/14/diy-kids-fort/

22) Pirate Treehouse Fort Playhouse

Pirate Treehouse Fort Playhouse

Every child wants to become a pirate, imagining having great adventures across the oceans. Building a children’s playhouse allows exploration of their pirate adventures. Attaching a steering wheel to the ship deck is a good idea. This playhouse plan is quite extensive but you need a bit of experience when it comes to carpentry and construction. You can also build a small pond surrounding the pirate playhouse for an extra charm.

At first, the builder wants to use a plywood to build the side walls and paint it so they look like planks. In the end, he used a culled lumber that he picked 20 ft long (2 by 6s), so the plywood idea was replaced. You can make use of every board you find and it will be a good and cheap option for you like what the builder did. You can build this type of playhouse and get help from your children as a bonding experience.

Helpful Links: http://www.instructables.com/id/Pirateship-Playhouse-Treehouse-Fort-Swingset-In-tr/?ALLSTEPS


23) A-Frame DIY Playhouse

A Frame Diy Playhouse

This is an A-Frame Playhouse plan that adopts the traditional designs still working today. This type of playhouse can be easily redesigned and modified. It uses old doors but popping with bright colors than using wooden panels. You can find these types of doors at local recycling shops. Get ones with already painted colors to add an abstract theme of a freestyle DIY playhouse. You can make it cozy by putting cushions or pillows and blankets. You can also install curtains to cover the doorways.

You can create your very own A-frame playhouse for your kids using available materials. It does not have to be expensive or all-new. If you have more budget in the future, you can also build a bigger and more fabulous playhouse using these materials. Become more confident in building your next woodworking project. This plan uses the basic materials and tools available in your home.

Helpful Links: http://www.tinyhouseliving.com/build-an-outbuilding-or-playhouse-from-free-doors-plans-here-too/

24) Repurposed Modern Playhouse

Repurposed Modern Playhouse 1
Repurposed Modern Playhouse 2

If ever you do not want a pre-fabricated kit for a children’s playhouse, it is a good idea building your own design from scratch by utilizing repurposed materials such as wooden planks, pipes, or corner posts. Doing so will definitely lower the expense on this project. You can attach a slide to this playhouse. It has been decorated in a manner resembling a modular home. Underneath this playhouse is a sandbox. Surely, your kids will surely love like being on the beach. During summer, you can inflate a kiddie pool to complete the beach look.

In terms of the base of this playhouse, it measures 92 by 67 including the deck. The entire deck is 36 inches through its entire width. The floor measures approximately 53 inches above the ground. The door measures 24 by 50 inches.

Helpful Links: http://dirtdiggingsisters.blogspot.com/2013/08/diy-modern-playhouse.html?m=1

25) Triangular DIY Playhouse

Triangular Diy Playhouse

If you are looking for a playhouse design that is not similar to an old box-shaped playhouse, then this plan is for you. It has a unique design you and your kids will surely love. It does not take a lot of skills, and you can replicate this project because the playhouse instructions are easy to understand. It is a playhouse that is built in a triangular shape. It is quaint and small. You can fit this in a small space with a small loft, as well as a play area, foldable rooftop, and storage. Keeping inside the toys in the playhouse can be done without worries about being damaged.

This is a good project to start with if you are new to playhouse building. You can add more details as you enhance your skills in carpentry. Your kids will surely love this playhouse!

Helpful Links: http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/outdoors/structures/how-to-build-a-backyard-playhouse-pictures

26) Fun Reading Nook Playhouse

Fun Reading Nook Playhouse

Reading is fun, and this playhouse is also suitable for reading sessions or music listening jammings, most especially for teenagers. It measures 60 x 96 inches. The boards were attached using a Kreg Jig or deck screws. Corner braces were used to attach the 4 by 4’s in the box. After adding the posts, you can attach the center joist with the use of corner braces.

After everything has been completed, attach the 2 x 6’s to the deck floor cut at 60 inches long. You can purchase 10 boards if you have a way of transporting these at home to save money. For the flooring, space the boards as you attach them using a screwdriver and screwing them to the base directly. Cut the boards up to 50 inches to fit in between the 4 by 4 posts. Your kids will surely love this playhouse and you’ll enjoy building this project.

Helpful Links: https://vintagerevivals.com/summer-reading-nookoutdoor-hideaway/

27) Indoor Playhouse

Indoor Playhouse

This beautiful playhouse is built for the builder’s granddaughters. When building an indoor play area like a playhouse inside a closet should not ruin the entire functionality of the closet. This plan is a good plan if you have a spacious closet. The front porch on this plan is very cute. This is a clever playhouse with a stylish entrance. Their closet is spacious enough for kids to play around.

Children can store toys, books, gadgets, and games. This is an indoor playhouse that is great if you don’t have a spacious backyard. At the same time, you can supervise your kids and ensure they are safe from the elements and dirt of the outside. Become more confident in building your next woodworking project. This plan uses the basic materials and tools available in your home. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a doll or playhouse, so you may want to build a dollhouse using your carpentry knowledge and skills, making your kids happy.

Helpful Links:http://www.allthingsheartandhome.com/indoor-playhouse-reveal/

28) DIY Playhouse by Ikea Hackers

Diy Playhouse By Ikea Hackers

The builder always dreamed of building a loft house wherein the children can play and sleep. This is a wooden playhouse. The main element of this playhouse is a bed from IKEA which is plain and simple. It has a wooden frame to avoid stumbling upon doorsteps. You can use an electric miter-box saw which is very helpful in building the framework of the roof.

Indoor playhouses are beneficial because you can spend more time with your children while they are enjoying playing and sleeping at the same time. Prevent dirt and mess from the outside and you’re able to supervise them properly. You can attach toys, stuffed animals, books, and cushions to make it more fun and comfortable. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a dollhouse, so you may want to build a dollhouse using your carpentry knowledge and skills, making your children happy.

Helpful Links: http://www.ikeahackers.net/2015/02/diy-playhouse-children.html


29) Tree Playhouse by Made With Happy

Tree Playhouse By Made With Happy

This tree playhouse will surely be a haven for your kids. You’ll find them playing, dancing, singing, and just having fun. The steps were documented along the way. This playhouse has a frame, base, roof, floor, window, and walls. It is sturdy and durable. The builder spent about $300 in total. This playhouse is open that can be converted into a stage at a kid’s birthday party! It is a cute open house for your little ones wherein they can also attach toys, store their cookware, stuffed toys, and keep their own collectibles. They would surely enjoy playing while enhancing their motor skills and creativity.

The materials used include boards, plywood, nails, screws, roofing, paint, saw, hammer, and paintbrush. Become more confident in building your next woodworking project. This plan uses the basic materials and tools available in your home. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an expensive doll or playhouse, so you may want to build a dollhouse using your carpentry knowledge and skills, making your kids happy.

Helpful Links: http://www.madewithhappy.com/treehouse-playhouse/

30) Handmade Hideaway Playhouse

Handmade Hideaway Playhouse

This is a very inspiring hideaway because the builder has not really built a playhouse before but the result is amazing. The materials used in building this playhouse include cedar fence board, plywood, screws, nails, paint, and other available materials they already have at home. For the whole project, the builder spent $1000. Indeed, it Is not a low-cost project but this playhouse is also not ordinary.

The materials used are high-quality to ensure durability. It is a good hideaway for kids for them to feel and enjoy their freedom. You’ll see them sing, dance, and simply play using their toys and costumes. They’ll wear their best costume and play like pirates or a princess in a fairy tale. Ignite your children’s imagination with this playhouse today!

Helpful Link: http://www.thehandmadehome.net/2012/06/a-handmade-hideaway/

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