60 Gazebo DIY Plans

31) Instructables DIY Gazebo

This Instructables DIY gazebo is not complicated at all compared to previous designs. In fact, you can make this on a weekend because it’s so easy to construct. This one has reinforced posts, triangular roofing, and a very straightforward design. There are no walls and no ceilings because it is simply a shade from the hot sun.

The posts are tall, reinforced by cement which has been buried deep into the ground to improve structural strength. The roof is tall, airy and is lined with shingles. This was built over a wooden deck and aside from the cover; a nice seating area was built. Two walls here have lattice covering which provide shade and privacy in case you want to relax or sleep.


32) Gazebo from Satellite Dish

This is a simple gazebo made from materials lying around a backyard. Do you have broken or unwanted satellite dishes lying around? The builder used this as a roof for his gazebo and used dry foliage, branches, and twigs to cover the dish. The design is very straightforward with no walls and no ceilings for this gazebo.

The posts are tall, made from branches of fallen trees in the builder’s backyard or community. These were buried deep into the ground to strengthen the structure. Despite its rustic appearance, this area can have a number of uses.

You can use this as a place for plants, hanging or aerial plants and flowers. Put a small table and some chairs and you got a rustic dining area.


33) Gazebo Made from Google Sketch Up

The builder of this gazebo used tools that were readily available to him and this was the reason he used Google Sketch Up for his designs. Compared to the previous gazebo designs, this one has a modern look with reinforced posts, triangular roofing, and straightforward appearance. There are no walls and ceilings so the area is clear and airy.

The posts are tall and reinforced by metal and cement. You can tell that every design element here is well-thought off because of the builder’s use of design software. This could be the perfect project that will help you enhance your design and woodworking needs.


34) Gazebo Copula

This is a design plan that will help you construct a large gazebo with a dramatic copula. The copula is the structure on top of a gazebo. This is more than just a “cap” that improves the appearance of the gazebo roof but also works as a structure that removes excess heat. Hot air rises but inside a large gazebo roof, hot air can accumulate quickly.

The copula removes this excess heat and lets the area underneath cool and perfect. This design uses red cedar which is a good material for outdoor furniture and structures. This gazebo was made of red cedar with elevated flooring, balustered walls, and high ceilings and shingled roof. This has a cupola on top of the ceiling as well.

This gazebo is a fairly easy design if you have complete materials and basic woodworking skills.


35) Steel Gazebo

Compared to wooden gazebo designs, this one is made of steel so it’s stronger and will resist common conditions of wood. This build has a modern touch starting from the curved metal posts and curved ceilings.

This gazebo has no walls and no ceilings but it remains well-structured and seamless. It can be used as an area for relaxation and for special outdoor events. It is an easy project if you have knowledge and skills in metal works or crafting using metal. 


36) Minimalist Gazebo

The builder has obviously constructed this gazebo out of items that he has around the house which is nothing to be ashamed about. This was built on a rectangular area in a yard or garden and was erected using large lumber for posts. The roof was made of aluminum roofing which is enough to provide shade and shelter from the rain.

Clean and tidy the area up and you got a place to hang out in the yard and even a place to sit back and relax on a quiet afternoon. Accessorize this with lights, hanging plants and seats and you got the perfect place to have a party with friends and family.


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37) Lighting a Gazebo Design

Now, this guide is different because it shows you how to light up a gazebo using stringed lights and other accessories. You might be wondering how to improve lighting for a special nighttime event. Looking at the photo, this gazebo has a very simple, very straightforward design. There are no walls, roof and no ceilings for this gazebo which made it even harder to contain lighting.

The gazebo posts are tall, reinforced by metal and cement but this was soon mellowed with the string of LED lights. Lamps found along the foot of the gazebo also illuminate the path leading to the structure. This guide shows that through correct lighting you can turn even an unfinished gazebo into a fantastic nighttime venue for any event.


38) Square Gazebo Design

This is a design for an open, square-shaped gazebo that was made to hold special events and outdoor occasions. This is an airy gazebo that can accommodate a few chairs or a comfy sofa with soft cushions which can make a fantastic relaxing area. This gazebo was built on a raised wooden deck and has a triangular roof is made of wooden slats.

A cupola on top of the gazebo also has a similar design. The gazebo was stained with natural wood stain. This may look complicated because of its delicate roof design but it’s guaranteed that it is an easy project that you can easily finish in just a week.


39) Awesome Square Gazebo Design

This is a massive square-shaped gazebo that seems to be constructed as a part of the house. It is so large that it has a number of posts to support its massive roof. The large structure was built on a raised wooden deck and has an open design but with balusters built around the structure. Numerous narrow posts hold the roof with delicately shaped braces on each side.

The pyramidal roof is made of wooden slats with a tall cupola on top and this one has a pointed top. This gazebo was stained using a natural wood stain. Because of its massive size, this gigantic gazebo is very difficult to build and requires weeks before completion.


40) Flowery Gazebo

What a relaxing flowery space to have in your garden! This is an airy gazebo design that has intricately styled posts, ceiling, and roof. Looking more like a nipa hut, this gazebo is small but very comfortable. It is an all-wooden build that was constructed on a raised wooden deck.

The gazebo has an open design but with latticed designs built around the wall of the structure. The roof is made of wooden slats of wood but unlike other classic designs, this looks very different because of the gazebo’s shape. It is not clear what is inside the gazebo with all the flowering plants nearby but we’re guessing there are seats and tables inside.

This gazebo was stained using a natural wood stain. Placing flowering plants make the gazebo lively and inviting. This is an easy to moderately-difficult design and could be a good one for a first-time builder.


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