Outdoor Day Bed Design With Wooden Pallets

99 Pallet Bed DIY Plans

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  2. 1) Layered Pallet Frame Bed with White Tile Background
  3. 2) Wooden Headboard and Bed Frame
  4. 3) Narrow Pallet Bed
  5. 4) White Pallets as Bedboard
  6. 5) A Boho –Chic Atmosphere Integrating a Pallet Bed Frame and Greenery
  7. 6) Attic Bedroom Made of Wooden Pallets Furniture
  8. 7) Pallet Bed Frame
  9. 8) Pastel Turquoise Pallet Bed Frame
  10. 9) Minimal Bedroom Design In Neutral Tones
  11. 10) The Perfect Bed Frame Design for an Airy Large Modern Bedroom
  12. 11) Scandinavian Infused Bedroom Design with a Pallet Bed Frame
  13. 12) Bright Neon Green Pallet Bed Adorned on Gold and Green Wallpaper
  14. 13) Pallet Bed Bed Frame Shoe Storage
  15. 14) Cozy Low Pallet Bed Frame Minimalist Design
  16. 15) Industrial Loft Pallet Bed Design
  17. 16) Pallet Bed and Side Table for Laptop
  18. 17) Cheap Pallet Bed Frame Design for Day Bed
  19. 18) Scandinavian Infused White Bedroom Design
  20. 19) Neutral Simple Pallet Bed Frame
  21. 20) Small Bedroom with a Simple Pallet Bed
  22. 21) Pallet Bed with Storage Space for Shoes
  23. 22) Dark Colored Pallet Bed Frame
  24. 23) Crib Pallet Bed Frame
  25. 24) Upcycled Bed Frame
  26. 25) Pallet Bed Frame For Kids Room
  27. 26) Day Bed Pallet Bed Frame Design
  28. 27) High Pallet Bed with Lights
  29. 28) Recycled Pallets as Bed Frame and Book Case
  30. 29) Very Feminine Bedroom
  31. 30) Cozy Pallet Dog Bed
  32. 31) Creative Pallet Bed Frame Design
  33. 32) Double Pallet Frame Beds
  34. 33) Small and Narrow Pallet Bed on Wheels
  35. 34) Pallet Bed Swing
  36. 35) Simple Pallet and Rope Swing Bed
  37. 36) Pallet Sofa Bed Frame
  38. 37) Warm Colors Bedroom With Pallet Bed Frame
  39. 38) Cozy Pallet Bed Frame and Bed Boards
  40. 39) Cozy Pallet Day Bed Design
  41. 40) Fun Wooden Pallet Headboard
  42. 41) Outdoor Day Bed Design with Wooden Pallets
  43. 42) Modern Nonconformist Pallet Bed Design
  44. 43) Mondrian Pallet Bed Frame Design
  45. 44) Colorful Pallet Bed Frame for Kids Bed
  46. 45) Pallet Bed Headboard and Bookshelf
  47. 46) Shabby Chic Bed Frame
  48. 47) Pallet Bed Frame in a Small Attic Bedroom
  49. 48) Simple Pallet Bed Frame
  50. 49) Dark Hued Bed Frame
  51. 50) Attic Loft Bed with Wooden Pallet Bed Frame
  52. 51) Modern Pallet Bed
  53. 52) Pallet Bed with Natural Hues
  54. 53) Scandinavian Vibe Bedroom
  55. 54) Suspended Pallet Bed Frame
  56. 55) Double Deck Bed Frame Made from Wooden Pallets
  57. 56) Minimal, Elegant and Simple Pallet Bed
  58. 57) Tree House Pallet Bed Inspiration
  59. 58) Mattress, Pallet Bed Frame, and Plain Room
  60. 59) Day Bed Frame for Two
  61. 60) Pallet Bed Frame 2
  62. 61) DIY Pallet Bed Frame Before and After
  63. 62) DIY Pallet Bed Ideas
  64. 63) Day Bed with Pallet Bed Frame
  65. 64) Another Day Bed with Pallet Bed Frame
  66. 65) Pallet Bed Frame in Cozy Room
  67. 66) DIY Pallet Bed on High Bed
  68. 67) Pallet Furniture Bed Frame
  69. 68) Tall Pallet Bed Frame
  70. 69) Romantic Pallet Bed Arrangement
  71. 70) Kid’s Bed Frame Design 2
  72. 71) King Sized Bed and King Sized Pallet Frame
  73. 72) Scandinavian Inspiration for Bed Frame and Bed
  74. 73) Contemporary Bed Frame Design
  75. 74) Wooden Pallet Bed on Wheels
  76. 75) Luminous Bedroom Pallet Bed Frame Design
  77. 76) Wooden Pallet Bed Design with Legs
  78. 77) Boosting Storage Space with Pallet Bed Frame
  79. 78) Fluffy Design with Wood Pallet Bed
  80. 79) Simple Pallet Bed Frame 2
  81. 80) Industrial Design Pallet Bed Frame
  82. 81) Rustic Pallet Bed Frame Design
  83. 82) Pallet Bed Frame with Modular Crate Storage Space
  84. 83) Simple Scandinavian Design for Pallet Bed
  85. 84) Bedroom Design With Wall Art and Pallet Bed
  86. 85) Simple But Sophisticated Design
  87. 86) Small Bedroom Pallet Bed Frame
  88. 87) Wooden Furniture and Pallet Bed Frame Designs
  89. 88) Shabby Chic Cool Pallet Bed Frame Design
  90. 89) Simple Blue and White Room Pallet Bed Frame Design
  91. 90) Inexpensive Cozy Pallet Bed Frame Design
  92. 91) Lovely Shimmering Pallet Bed Frame
  93. 92) Easy DIY Pallet Bed Frame
  94. 93) How Much Space can a Pallet Bed Frame Hold?
  95. 94) Cool Pallet Bed Frame Design
  96. 95) Manly Pallet Bed Frame Design
  97. 96) Pallet Bed Swing 2
  98. 97) Simple Pallet Bed Design Plan
  99. 98) An All-White Plan Bedroom Pallet Bed Design
  100. 99) Industrial Bedroom Décor with Wood Pallet Bed Frame
  101. Conclusion

21) Pallet Bed with Storage Space for Shoes

This is a pallet bed frame that can help you solve storage space worries. Two layers of pallet frames hold this large bed but as you can see, these do more than just hold the bed for you. You may use each section as a place to store your shoes.

From ladies’ shoes to men’s shoes, you can place these neatly and efficiently under the bed, literally. The pallet frames also lift the bed several inches from the ground making it more comfortable and perfect for a large room such as this.

Aside from storing shoes, you may also use a pallet bed frame to keep other items like small articles of clothing like socks and stockings or other items like books, office supplies and more.  

Pallet Bed With Storage Space For Shoes


22) Dark Colored Pallet Bed Frame

Now, what else can be said about this cool dark colored pallet bed frame? This is a completely different concept compared to using pallet beds with a natural color or white color. The dark colored theme certainly helped make the bed stand out and this is despite the mattress being very simple with very basic linen patterns.

It is very interesting how very different pallet wood furniture can become with just a touch of color. Usually, pallet wood furniture takes a natural color but no doubt it is fun to play with colors. Aside from choosing a dark-colored hue, you may also consider warmer colors like red, orange, yellow or brown and cooler colors like blue, green and violet.

The sky is the limit but always pay close attention to the wall color, accent color, and window treatment color. Remember, finding the best color counts so don’t rush.

Dark Colored Pallet Bed Frame

23) Crib Pallet Bed Frame

This is just so magical this has to be included in our list! Check out the whimsical crib pallet bed frame, the most amazing bed frame for a crib made of wooden pallets made for the most precious little one.

This crib has been lovingly shaped like a crescent moon which symbolizes nighttime. The crib cradles your little one and has an overhanging section to place a small light, some toys or a mobile. The lower portion can hold on to a small mattress, a small pillow, and a cozy blanket.

You might say that this may not fit your baby at all but just for fun, this magical crib is certainly a lovely thing to have. It could be a day bed for your baby or may be used as a dressing table, but never leave your baby unattended. Take this as an inspiration to construct a bigger toddler bed or a whimsical bed for you.

Crib Pallet Bed Frame

24) Upcycled Bed Frame

If all you have is a mattress and you want your bed to be more relaxing and more inviting then this project is the one for you. This is an upcycled bed frame made from two or more pallet sections. The pallets lift your bed from the ground and provide a stable and durable surface for your mattress to be on.

Aside from using this as a bed frame, this also functions as a shelf to keep different things in. In the photo, the designer used the pallet wood to store books with each section able to accommodate at least four to five pocketbooks.

You can improve this design by adding more pallets, making your bed higher and having more space to store more books and more stuff. And if you have more pallets then you may even construct a mini shelf to house more books and accessories.

Upcycled Bed Frame

25) Pallet Bed Frame For Kids Room

Don’t your kids sleep in a mattress on the floor! Build him a pallet bed frame that will elevate his mattress and will also give him a lot of fun. The pallet bed frame here is larger than the mattress and therefore can offer more space to sit and play.

Pallets were also used to build a bed frame which is where your child can place toys, stuffed animals, books and more. It can also be a place to hang a lamp so he could read in bed. And even if he only has a mattress, he can sleep like a king with this large and inviting wooden pallet bed frame.

This project is quite easy to make and would not cost you a lot of money since all the wood used here are pallet wood. You don’t need to be an expert to construct this as well because this is easy even for a novice woodworker.

Pallet Bed Frame For Kids Room

26) Day Bed Pallet Bed Frame Design

This is another day bed design that looks very comfortable and inviting. The pallet bed frame used in this project is larger than the actual sofa bed, therefore, it juts out of the sides of the day bed. But this is not an eyesore at all. 

The wooden pallets can be considered rustic wooden accents that can improve your living room or bedroom design. Make this lovely sofa bed more comfortable by adding more pillows, a comfy quilt, a blanket and an area rug.

And aside from the bed frame, you will also notice that another furniture in this set up was also made from wooden pallets like a high table, stools and small cabinets. May this design serve as an inspiration to create more wooden pallet furniture and accessories for your bedroom and home.

Day Bed Pallet Bed Frame Design


27) High Pallet Bed with Lights

This pallet bed frame will make you feel like sleeping on a throne because of its height and the hundreds of shimmering lights underneath! Three levels of pallet wood sections have been stacked together to form this luxurious and cozy sleeping area. The bed is so high that you need a ladder to hop in!

The pallets were painted to match the bedroom accent color and inside the pallets, LED lights were placed to create that stunning and dramatic effect. The headboard and wall are also made of wooden pallets and were also painted the same color.

You can see that nothing was done to the pallet boards to make the bed frame. The boards were merely stacked together and possibly connected with strong bolts or nails. Overall, this is a very easy project that you can actually accomplish in just a few hours. Just have someone assist you to move and stack the pallets and you are all set.

High Pallet Bed With Lights


28) Recycled Pallets as Bed Frame and Book Case

This has got to be one of the highest bed frame designs that are part of this list. As you can see, the bed is nestled on top of two pallet board levels and these pallet boards are on top of more pallet boards. You certainly need a ladder to come up. Be careful not to fall as you sleep!

And the pallet boards were not just stacked together but are also functional as well. As you can see, the boards also function as bookshelves and as small storage spaces for small items too. The owner of this room definitely has a lot of books and these were also placed on pallet wood bookcases on the wall.

Pallet wood was the material of choice for this project and obviously, it was not just used as a bed frame but on small furniture pieces around the room. You can use this as your inspiration to build your next bedroom/library.

Recycled Pallets As Bed Frame And Book Case

29) Very Feminine Bedroom

Nothing could be more relaxing than cozying up on your comfortable bed. And even if you only have a mattress you can transform it into a regular bed by setting it on top of a durable pallet wood bed frame.

This is just a single layer of pallet wood and sees the difference compared to just placing the mattress on the floor. The pallet wood elevates the bed just slightly off the floor and at the same time makes it more comfortable and easier to move in and out of.

The natural and comfortable appearance of pallet wood also makes the room calm and inviting. Compared to using metal or hardwood frames, pallets are lighter and more pleasing to the eye.

The designer further made the area more inviting and comfortable with large pillows arranged in an L-shaped pattern plus large comforters. This setting makes you want to crawl back into bed again, right?

Very Feminine Bedroom


30) Cozy Pallet Dog Bed

It’s fun to have a dog but it’s no fun when he tries to steal your bed! It is very frustrating to train it to sleep in its own bed which is why this designer has made this mini bed just for the dog.

The pallets were cut and assembled to make a small frame for the dog bed. A small section on the front of the bed was cut to serve as the entryway into the doggie bed. This frame keeps the mattress from sagging and moving out of place. It also makes the area clean and easy to arrange.

This design has a lot of potentials. You can make it as large or as small as you want to depend on the size of your dog. You can also paint it according to the color you want or just use wood stain to bring out the natural beauty of wooden pallets.

And no matter what you chose, make sure that the treatment is non-toxic and won’t harm your dog especially if he is the chewing type.

Cozy Pallet Dog Bed


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