99 Pallet Bed DIY Plans

31) Creative Pallet Bed Frame Design

This has got to be one of the most updated and stylish bed frame design on this list! It is not just a bed frame design though; it is also a headboard that accents the bed. The bed frame sets the mattress high; you might need a ladder to climb up.

Because of this height, the bed becomes the focal point of this design making it inviting and very relaxing.

The wooden pallet theme extends to the walls with a headboard installation. The wooden pallets were lined up and lighting was placed at the back. The soft glow of the lights illuminates and highlights the lovely natural appearance of pallet wood.

Despite the size of this project, this is a very easy build. It is also very easy to improve this design by increasing the height of the frame and making the pallet board more elaborate. 

32) Double Pallet Frame Beds

The wooden pallet bed frames in this design are tall and are painted the room’s accent color. This is a double layer of pallet boards that elevate the beds several inches off the ground. The beds/mattresses have become bulkier, more comfortable and very inviting because of this height.

This looks like a kids’ bedroom and the designer made sure that comfortable accents were used to make this room more appealing to kids. Pallets were also used on the walls and were painted a colorful shade. Aside from the bed frames, you can further enhance this room with pallets by using these to build shelves, tables, and chairs. You can do almost anything with pallet boards but take note of the furniture’s use. 

33) Small and Narrow Pallet Bed on Wheels

This is a pallet board bed frame that was made for a single-sized mattress. The pallet boards were not merely stacked together but were arranged to make a movable bed frame with wheels.

This bed is a part of a shabby chic bedroom with design accents and accessories placed strategically across the room. This design is smart as it is stylish. Adding wheels at the bottom of the wooden frames has made it easier to move anywhere inside the room.

You can further improve this design by making the bed frame larger or taller depending on the size of your mattress. Got spare pallet wood? You can make the headboard larger and wider. Paint it any color you want or preserve the natural lovely color of pallet wood.

Use versatile pallet wood on another room décor like the large E and & signs that you see on the walls. With a jigsaw, you can cut these easily even intricate curves of letters and signs.

34) Pallet Bed Swing

Have you always wanted to just laze around outdoors? This is a design for a relaxing pallet wood bed frame that was constructed as a large swing. This is made from two pallet sections. The swing bed has a small mattress while the strong rope was installed on both ends and tied to a strong branch.

Imagine just lying here on a lazy Sunday afternoon and just waiting for time to pass by… The swing is huge so you can comfortably rest, take a nap or sleep for hours. The colorful pillows make a nice accent while a toss away blanket accent also makes a colorful contrast to the white mattress cover.

If you want to use this design, make sure that you have reinforced wooden pallets and very strong rope. Assess the strength of the branch of the tree first before you hang the swing bed in place.

This is a very easy project and you can complete this in a day. You can also improve this design by adding a bed board or an armrest to keep you safe as you rest on this comfy bed.

35) Simple Pallet and Rope Swing Bed

This is another swing bed and this time it was not constructed outside. This particular swing was built on a porch or a pergola. The swing bed was made of a single wooden pallet section with a thin mattress and a pillow to make you comfortable.

This wooden swing bed has been installed on the wooden beams of the porch using strong rope. With this swing bed, you can laze away the afternoon reading, chatting on the phone, napping or just sleeping the hours away. Compared to the previous design, this swing bed is smaller and has a very small and thin mattress. But this one has a backrest to keep you safe.

This design may be improved by using a larger mattress, constructing a larger pallet swing and making the backrest higher. As always, make sure to test the strength of the beam where you will hang the swing from. This must be able to take the weight of the pallet swing as well as the weight of the person who will use the swing.

36) Pallet Sofa Bed Frame

This is a large room that might look difficult to accessorize but the designer was able to do this by adding natural accents in and around the room. Aside from the woven area rug, fresh flowers on the coffee table and natural-colored pillows, the designer have installed a single level pallet wood bed frame to hold the large sofa bed.

The sofa bed is already huge but lifting it from the floor made it even more luxurious. It now looks very inviting instead of looking like a cold furniture piece. The pallet frames were untreated. The only wood stain was used which made the natural pallet wood surface stand out.

The pallets were simply placed side by side so there’s no time wasted when constructing this large pallet bed frame. After this upgrade, you can use this bed during the day or have this used as a comfy guest bed.


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37) Warm Colors Bedroom With Pallet Bed Frame

This is a fun way to play with colors! This bedroom has a moderately-large mattress built for two but instead of just placing the mattress on the floor, the designer used two layers of pallet frames neatly placed side by side to create the wooden pallet bed frame.

The nature-inspired room is so huge therefore it was not enough to just use pallet wood frames. The designer even extended the pallet wood theme to the walls, furniture, and accents. The headboard is made from recycled wooden pallets, a narrow chaise lounge at the side of the bed is also made from pallet wood and a pallet wood frame is a low-lying table near the chair.

The floor was also made from wood, therefore, the wood pallet pieces simply tied the room together. So what could be done to make this pallet nature room better?

38) Cozy Pallet Bed Frame and Bed Boards

This is a very cozy bed indeed and it is all because of the special way the wood pallets were treated and finished in this project. This was made from natural wood pallets which were sanded and stained that perfect glowing color. Add two glowing lamps on each side of the bed and you got an inviting area to relax in.

The bed has a pallet bed board and a pallet bed frame. This frame elevates the mattress from the floor to make it a highlight of the bedroom. Even the bed linen color was chosen wisely. The linen is white, flesh and gold, colors that complement the overall color theme of the room. This is a very easy design and you can certainly finish this in a day.

39) Cozy Pallet Day Bed Design

This is another pallet bed design but this time this is a pallet bed frame made for a day bed. The sofa bed is huge and can even accommodate two people at one time. Two wooden pallet levels have been used to elevate the comfy sofa.

Pallets were also used to build a backrest and an armrest on each side of the sofa bed. This has large caster wheels that will allow you to move the day bed to anywhere you need to place the furniture. You can expect this day bed to be sturdy, soft and comfortable so you can take a nap, read a book or watch TV here.

You can further improve this design by adding more pallet wood to accommodate a larger sofa bed. More pallet wood may be used to build a larger and wider backrest or a taller bed frame for a more comfortable nap.


40) Fun Wooden Pallet Headboard

This is a wood pallet headboard with a fun design. The headboard was made of wooden pallets cut and treated before these were used. After the wood headboard was installed, the artist drew a fun scene with birds hanging out on a power line or clothesline.

There are a lot of different designs to paint on your wooden pallet headboard instead of just painting it the color you want. You can coat this with wood stain to showcase the natural beauty of wood.

To further improve this design, you may add more pallets to make a wider headboard. You may also increase the height of your headboard if you have a larger or longer bed. And of course, this is a pallet headboard that is very easy to make you don’t even have to take a day to construct it.


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