80 Pallet Shelf DIY Plans

11) HOME Shelf

This is a very creative pallet shelf. It was designed to spell the word HOME and to be displayed in a living room, dining area or on a patio where people can instantly see. Now the shelf uses only a very few pieces of pallet wood.

These pallets were cleaned sanded and were painted white for a classy chic design. This shelf may only hold a small number of items like books, candles, vases and more. You can also make this larger and wider but you should never overlook the home letters design.

This is a pallet shelf design that’s so easy to make. You can finish this one in just a few hours even if this is your first time to make one.


12) Corner Wood Shelf

Instead of just placing the pallet shelf against the wall, this is a shelf designed to be a corner shelf. Only a few pallet wood pieces were used in this project. Wood was initially cleaned and lightly stained to keep it smooth, with a light gloss. These pieces became a corner shelf that can accommodate a few stuff that you want to display.

This could have been a bare corner of a room but it was made lovelier by adding this corner shelf. You can actually use recycled wood for this project but be very careful to use only strong wood especially when you want to place valuable décor here.

13) A-Frame Planter Wood Shelf

This is a tall pallet wood planter shelf that has an A-frame design. As you can see, this project shelf only uses a few pieces of pallet wood but it was able to hold a number of potted plants.

Make a pallet planter holder indoors or outdoors to show off your lovely plants and blooms. This is a project that is very easy to make and would not require even an hour to build as well. Make this as your next pallet wood project this week.

14) Chic Pallet Shelf

What do you do with a large pallet frame? Break it in two and make a simple shelf! As you can see here, a single pallet frame was split in two. Each section was held against the wall with strong braces. The top of the shelf is where large things can be placed while small items can be kept in the middle of the pallet frame.

This is a simple project that has a lot of potentials. You can use a few frames of pallet wood to make more shelves like this. You can also paint it according to the color you wish or deeply stain wood for a more dramatic effect.  

15) Lovely Sea-Inspired Shelf

As usual, this pallet shelf has a straightforward design. There’s nothing much to do to make this lovely sea-themed pallet shelf. The pallet frame was simply cut and painted in a distressed manner. The shelves at the front are small but can hold a number of precious things.

You can improve this design by making your pallet shelf larger and wider. A nautical theme is calming and very chic but you can also paint this any color theme you want.  

16) Crates and Pallet Wood Shelf

This is an ingenious wood shelf made of pallets and some crates. If you have a lot of things to store but you still want a chic and stylish storage system then try this one. It is not just for display; you can make a larger shelf to store clothes, shoes and other large items.

The design is pretty simple really. It has large open storage spaces for different items and moderately-sized clean crates were used as drawers in some sections. The shelf is made of pallets and was arranged according to the builder’s preferences.

You can make the shelves larger to fit larger items or if you wish you can make a smaller one to store small things like jewelry, makeup, hair accessories and more. This is an easy project but needs careful planning to get every section right. Follow the plans we have here and you will be done in less than a day.

17) Bookshelf

Now, this is a bookshelf that you will love to have around. This is truly a book lover’s dream. It is made from pallet wood with a lot of room for every kind of book, pocketbook, paperback and more. This shelf has many sections and can be used as a bedroom furniture for a child’s room or as a permanent addition to a study area.

And as you can see, this is pallet shelf is not just for books. It is also used to storeroom décors like photo frames, indoor accessories and more.

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You can build this bookshelf easily by following this plan. You don’t need to possess expert woodworking skills to make this at all.

18) Coat Hanger and Shelf

Even only four pieces of pallet wood you can make a simple hanger and shelf. This is a pallet shelf that was made with four irregularly-arranged pallets, distressed and made to look that the wood has aged a bit.

Another pallet piece was used to hold any small object or décor while a few hooks were placed at the bottom of the pallets to be used as a coat hanger.

This is a really simple project that you can make in just a few minutes. You can use recycled wood or even wood from discarded furniture to make this project. And to make this design better, you can build the shelf bigger and wider with more pallet wood pieces.

19) Wine Shelf

Aside from ordinary shelves, you can also make shelves made for a specific purpose like a wine shelf. Here is a lovely example of a large wine shelf made from a few pieces of pallet wood. Each shelf can take 8 bottles of wine and there’s even a convenient rack at the bottom of the shelf for wine glasses.

Make your own pallet wine shelf at home with just a few pieces of recycled pallets. You can place this on the wall of your living room, dining is or kitchen, wherever  you frequently dine and wine with friends.

20) Cute Kitchen Shelf

If you love the country style then this is the kitchen pallet shelf for you. This kitchen helper is made from a number of pallets and was assembled to make a tall shelf for different accessories and tableware.
It can hold bowls, plates, cups, and mugs. It can also store cookbooks or you can use this as a spice rack or kitchen pantry.

The wood used here has been thoroughly cleaned and lightly stained to create a lovely warm look. This is a cool kitchen shelf that you can make in just a few hours because of its very simple design. You can also make this your inspiration for your next woodworking project.


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