80 Pallet Shelf DIY Plans

21) Toscana Bookshelf

Pallet wood is so versatile it can be used in making big or small projects. Now, this is a huge bookshelf that has a very dark stain. This bookshelf has a lot of room for a number of books on each level plus it can also hold all kinds of décor.

This large bookshelf is perfect for your study, living room, bedroom or in any place, you or your kids study and read. Another amazing feature of this lovely bookshelf is its very warm color. This was stained using a very dark colored stain but no doubt it was still able to bring out the beauty of pallet wood.

Note the visible swirls of pallet wood on the top shelf. All-in-all, this is a pallet shelf worthy of being your next woodworking project. 

22) Lovely Wood Shelf Plan

This is a simple pallet wood shelf that can hold simple, small items that you hold dear. This was just made from cutting a pallet frame and exposing the inside section of the frame. It may be small but it can be used to hold a few collections, small bottles, trinkets and possibly a photo frame at the top.

You can add more pallet frame sections to make this shelf larger. And as always you can paint this any color to match your room color scheme. 


23) Planter Shelves

Some plants can grow and thrive indoors making these perfect as home décor. And what way to display your lovely blooms than to use a pallet planter shelf. This can be a small shelf that can accommodate small pots of indoor plants.

In this photo, the planter pallet shelf was attached to a wall and was made from only a few pieces of pallet wood. The planter keeps a number of cute potted plants as well as a few knick-knacks.

But don’t forget, you must also take your indoor plants out at least once every three days to get some sun. You can also make a similar pallet planter shelf for your outdoor plants.  

24) Old Door Bookshelf

Now, what can you say about this ingenious bookshelf design? This was made from an old door and just a few pallets. The door had convenient sections that were knocked down to make room for shelves. The pallets were made to hold the books from each section of the door. This bookshelf was placed against a wall to steady it.

Because of the door’s height, this has also become a high shelf with several levels to place anything. So if you have large doors lying around, don’t throw these away. You can still use these to make so many useful things like this shelf. Just follow the plans to make this unique bookshelf and you will have  somewhere to store  your books and stuff soon.


25) Decorative Shelf

A very large pallet frame was made to construct this convenient shelf + desk. One large pallet was cleaned and opened to reveal the many storage sections inside. Pallet frames naturally have an inner section that has slots that you can use as shelves.

And a few pallets were used to construct a small table at the bottom. This table can be folded away when not in use because it is connected to a strong piece of wire.

What’s so awesome about this shelf is that it has a very warm appeal. It was stained a very dark color possibly to match the room color and to make it  look classy and stylish. This kind of pallet shelf is perfect for people who live in a small apartment, dormitory or anywhere space is a luxury.

26) Lighted Bookshelf

What a lovely shelf that will surely light up any room! This pallet shelf occupies the entire width of the room and is not just an ordinary shelf as you can see. Despite having a very small space to hold various objects, every level is flooded with lighting. Lovely warm lights that make the room cozy yet luxurious.

Let this lovely shelf be an inspiration to create this large versatile accent wall. And if you think that this is impossible to make, think again. The plans to make these shelves are so easy to follow but could take time to complete because of its size. This is a good storage system to install in your living room, study or bedroom.


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27) Tool Shelf

This is a pallet wood shelf that has plenty of space for storing all kinds of tools. There are sections for hanging large tools and equipment and there are shelves for tools that can’t be hanged at the bottom of the sections.

The back portion of the shelf was made from several pieces of pallets. This is  truly a very easy shelf to make and with just very little effort you can make this out of very simple materials you have in your home.  


28) Lovely Wine Rack and Shelf

This is a shelf made of pallet wood that can store all your favorite wine and spirits. This has a very simple design with several pallet pieces assembled to make a lovely wine rack. The pallets have been stained with a very dark color to complement the light wall color. A few lights were used to highlight the different sections, especially where the prized bottles are located.

This pallet shelf is sure very handy to have around. You can build this and set it up in your dining room, living room or office. This can be improved by making the shelves larger and wider to accommodate more bottles as well as glasses for you and your friends. Build this now and you’ll have it ready for your next party.


29) Clothes Cabinet Plans

Just see how much storage these pallets have made! With just a few pallet frames, you can keep seasonal outfits, everyday clothes, linen and so many more with this huge closet. You can even build this easily without having expert woodworking skills.

And best of all. You can dismantle the pallet frame sections if needed to make room for more clothes and linen. The fact that this closet was made from cheap materials, this could be the next woodworking project on your list.

30) White Shelf

Have you ever found yourself thinking what to do about a completely white wall or room? Here is a lovely décor that is very easy to make and requires only a few materials.

This is a pallet shelf made for a white room. This is a small white shelf made from a section of pallet wood. It was made to hold only a few items, therefore, it is only for décor.


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