44 Porch Swing DIY Plans

#11. Recycling the baby crib into a porch swing

For families whose babies have outgrown their cribs, don’t go throwing that crib just yet. You can still convert it into a porch swing that you and your kids will enjoy.

The crib’s head and footboard now serve as the backrest in this porch swing plan. This will greatly save time and money, as you’re going to need fewer pieces of wood if you don’t have that crib.

And since the backrest is already “constructed”, all you need to worry about are the hand rests and the seat itself.

Although the video shows the process of making the whole porch swing, you can substitute the backrest with the crib parts mentioned above. Likewise, you can also follow the complete instructions and photos provided on the website where the plan is laid out.

This ingenious way of recycling the crib is enough to make this part of our list.


#12. Building your porch swing and support frame

Ideally, porch swings are usually installed in one of the low-lying branches of the tree. However, not all houses have trees.

This problem can easily be solved by having a support frame instead, which will fully support the swing. This is also what the maker of this plan wants – to make it possible for anyone to make both the porch swing and the support frame.

Aside from being a complete guide, another thing that we liked about this website is that does not provide all the instructions for making the porch swing in one go. He presented each segment of the porch swing as an independent article.

This involves more time spent on the website, it surely is helpful for those who want to focus on a single task first before moving on to the next.

With clear instructions on both the video and website, this needs to be on our list.


#13. Arbor porch swing plan

Many porch swings are installed in a support frame so that they can be installed in any part of the house. And one good thing in using a support frame is that it can also be customized so that it has the look that you like.

This is exactly what this porch swing plan wants to happen. It has an arbor that is designed differently from the usual support frames.

This kind of project entails more work and measurement. But thanks to the video and instructions provided on the website, it is possible even for beginners in DIY woodworking to undertake this kind of project.

The website may not have enough details for constructing the whole porch swing and arbor support frame, but it has enough photos to specify the size of each piece. Each photo can also be used to construct the whole project by simply copying what’s shown in the diagram.

#14. An A-frame swing perfect for your garden

For those who prefer the more simplistic look for the frame of their porch swing, then this is what you’re looking for. Simply fashion both sides to look like the letter A then place the porch swing in the middle.

Since the swing frame is not too complicated, this only means that fewer wood pieces are needed. And the less wood pieces involved, the faster and easier it is to assemble it.

The website where this porch swing plan can be found ensured that all measurements are provided in the diagram. The website even has a short video on how the whole project can be accomplished.

This simple but accurate plan on how to make this kind of porch swing and A-frame is exactly what beginners need in order to replicate this project. Definitely needs to be in this list.

#15. Glider porch swing

For those who want their porch swing to have a more unique frame, this swing plan is worth trying out.

As seen in the photo, this porch swing does not use the usual frame that is higher. Rather, the chain is attached in a low support frame that looks like it’s a slightly higher armrest.

Since the support frame isn’t that high, this plan is ideal for people who want to get started with this project but cannot ask another person for assistance in putting the frame up. This also entails that less wood is needed for both the porch swing and the frame, making it less expensive.

Another good thing about the short frame is that it can fit on most spaces, even in areas where the vertical clearance is quite low. It’s also easier to move it in case there’s a need to do so, as the whole porch isn’t that heavy.

#16. A summer pallet swing

Pallet wood is a great option for those who want to make a porch swing because it’s sturdy and cheap (even free). The maker even explicitly wrote on her website that she’s able to get this project done with just $30!

What’s great with this project is that there is minimal work involved in making it. They mostly preserved the pallet that they bought, painted and sanded the wood to improve its look, add some cushion so that it is comfortable to use, and used the rope to attach it to a tree.

With this easy process, it’s no wonder that even girls can make it. Although it still involves some work, especially with the installation, it’s a project that anyone can take on.

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If the photos and instructions on the website are not enough to guide you in making the porch, there’s a video that can be consulted.


#17. Making a porch bed swing

Yes, the porch swing is enjoyable to sit on. But it will be more enjoyable if you can stretch out in the porch swing and enjoy the leg room.

In this porch swing plan, a complete plan is provided to anyone who wants to make it. From the measurements of each wood piece to the broken down steps for each big step in the process, beginners and experts alike can surely make this project.

If the instructions and photos are not enough, there’s also a video that can be looked at. This is a great guide for steps that may be difficult to follow.

The size of the finished porch is also unique. The additional space is not only good for accommodating more people who want to sit but is also enough for one person to use as a couch.

These points are enough to include this plan in our list.

#18. Freestanding arbor swing porch seat

This is another porch swing tutorial that includes instructions on how to make the swing stand for the porch. However, what makes this different is that the swing stand is designed, giving it a good look whether it’s placed indoors or outdoors.

Although this tutorial has more instructions on how to make the actual stand, it was able to significantly discuss the materials and steps needed to create the porch swing. The pictures provided by the maker for each step in the process is also a good addition, especially to people who are new to DIY and would like to copy this plan.


#19. An easy to build porch swing in five easy steps!

Not everyone has patience when making DIY projects. And being impatient in any project can be costly.

However, with this porch swing plan, even the impatient can get into DIY projects while making sure that the finished product is of good quality. That’s because the maker of this plan provided just 5 steps that should be followed to make this possible.

The website showed a lot of photos of how this project is being made. This is a great way to entertain their visitors while still being able to pick up on how this project can be done. The instructions may not be plenty, but each step that was written on their page is easy to follow.

Don’t worry, though, as the website owner still provided important details such as the sizes of the wood or the materials that were used. Catering to both the detail-hungry and impatient makes this porch swing plan worthy of being featured in this list.

#20. Rustic porch swing from leftover wood

For those who think that the only purpose of leftover wood is to build bonfires, you’re mistakenly wrong. With a little bit of cutting, nailing, and sanding, it can be made into a porch swing.

Leftover wood is a great material to use for this project because once you’re done making the porch swing, it will have a rustic look just like what can be seen in cabins. Don’t worry because even with this look, the wood is surely smooth and will not cause any splinters when you touch it.

Since you’ll be dealing with large chunks of wood, it’s best to do this project with the help of another person.

Being able to create something beautiful out of materials that are probably going to be thrown away or burned is great, and this is something that should definitely be part of our list.


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