44 Porch Swing DIY Plans

#31. Using the headboard for improving the porch swing

If you want your porch swing to have a different look but don’t have enough wood or motivation to make a design for the backrest? This is a great option.

In this porch swing plan, the maker used an old headboard and installed it in the porch to become its backrest. Since the headboard is made of wood and already has a good-looking design, this will greatly save time and money.

Though the website did not provide specific instructions on how to make the whole porch swing, it was generous enough to provide enough photos and instructions on how the backboard was installed. These are more than enough for this innovation to be included in our list.

#32. Long and spacious porch swing

The maker of this porch swing kept it simple by suggesting to use straight boards. This is a beginner-friendly advice, as anyone who wants to make this same porch swing will not have any problems fashioning their wood to have curves or any form of design.

Another good thing with this porch swing plan is that it is spacious enough compared to others. It has enough space to accommodate one person who wants to lie in it, turning it into a porch bed for solo use.

The website provides an adequate amount of pictures during the process of making this porch swing and is supplemented by written instruction. Thus, if you can’t understand from one, you can consult how to make it using the other.

These points are more than enough for this porch swing plan to be included in our list.


#33. Simple porch swing installed in your tree

For those who prefer a simplistic look for their porch swing, this is a good plan to follow.

Aside from the simple look that it has, the instructions that can be found in the downloadable PDF guide provided by the website is also simplistic. Such instructions are beginner-friendly and can help them complete the project easily.

The PDF guide also has diagrams that you can use for reference in each step of the process. This further makes the process of making this porch swing easier.

With the porch swing being installed close to the ground, there is a very little risk of injury in case of sudden collapse. It’s also not difficult to install, and it can be used even by small children so that they can also enjoy the porch swing even if there is minimal supervision.

With all these positive points, there’s no reason why this porch swing plan should not be mentioned in our list.



#34. An improved porch swing with a classic look

For those who prefer a porch swing with a smooth finish that makes it look like a classic furniture, then this plan is for you.

While this project may look difficult to make because of the varying sizes of the wood pieces that make up the backrest, it sure is not. That’s because the website where the plan can be found provided detailed instructions for each step of the process.

Yes, you’ll need to stay on the website longer, but it will ensure that you get to focus on one step first before moving to another. The plan is as detailed as possible, and with the help of diagrams, each step becomes easier to follow.

With all of those points, this tutorial should be part of this list.


#35. A porch swing plan for the intermediate builder

Are you feeling confident that you can take on more challenging projects because you’ve been doing DIY before? Then this porch swing plan will prove to be a challenge to you.

For this porch swing plan, instructions are shorter, as the maker assumes that the reader has some knowledge of certain processes and there’s no need for further explanation. Fewer pictures are also provided at the end of the PDF guide, but the photos are still helpful in giving a rough idea on how the porch swing should look like at important phases of the process.

This guide also presented templates, which is a great way for beginners to improve their skills in woodworking.

Since this guide and project prepares beginners to become more proficient with the craft, it deserves to be given a spot in this list.


#36. Porch swing plan with a lot of curves

Those who want to further up their skill in woodworking can do so by making this project. That’s because this complete porch swing has a lot of curves in it, which is truly challenging for this craft.

But even if this porch swing plan can be quite complex, the plan still provided helpful instructions for making it. Another great thing with this guide is that it provides some tips that will make the process easier, and even provided downloadable templates that can be used so that you can perfectly cut the curved areas.

Although the website does not provide photos for each step of the process, enough instructions are provided. Even with the lack of visual guides, the words are more than enough to guide anyone in making this project.

Since it helps one to level up their woodworking skill, this porch swing plan deserves a spot in our list.

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#37. Rough looking but properly made porch swing

Sometimes, the look of a woodworking project can be misleading. In this porch swing, although the final product appears to be rough looking, you can be sure that it is sturdy and properly built.

The instructions found on the website is best for absolute beginners in this craft. They started by giving the basics of any woodworking project so that they can pick up that habit in case they want to make another one.

This porch swing plan also provides complete instructions, details, and photos. Any beginner woodworker will surely appreciate the information that is provided to them.

The tips mentioned in the last part of the tutorial are also beneficial for making the whole project and improve the quality of the final product. With all of these positive points, it deserves to be mentioned in this list.


#38. A complete guide for building and hanging the porch swing

Those who want to get started on something are usually paralyzed to take action because they don’t have enough information about that pursuit. But for those who stumble upon this porch swing plan, they will get into action instantly because of the complete information that it provides.

Aside from the steps and measurements of the wood, it provides additional information such as how to properly secure the pieces together. With those pieces of information, anyone who attempts to do the project will surely make a final product that will not easily break.

The additional information on how to hang the porch swing is also appreciated. The discussion between using rope or chain and the “science” behind other things related to hanging the porch swing sure is interesting.

This unique approach to providing instructions on how to make a porch swing deserves to be highlighted in our lost.


#39. Making a porch swing with just a few 2x4s

For those who just have a few 2x4s available (or their budget can only buy so much), this porch swing plan is for you.

One good thing about this porch swing plan is that it teaches a good system of marking wood so that it will be cut and assembled correctly.

The website also provided instructions for each step that, although short, are easy to understand and implement. Enough photos are also provided for each step in the process of making the product, which is a great reference for those who want to do it.

Instructions for hanging the porch swing is also provided close to the end of the plan. Knowing this will ensure that the swing will not fall while someone is using it.

With all of these great points, this website should be a part of our list.


#40. Mini swing made from a crib

Cribs are only used for a short time, and there’s a huge possibility that it will just end up in the trash or even be used as firewood. Consider recycling it by making it into a porch swing.

A good portion of the crib was used for this porch swing plan, making sure that the headboard is included to serve as its backrest. Because of this, there is very little need to cut wood to make the whole porch.

Since the crib is quite small, there is limited space for its users. However, this is big enough for toddlers, as they have enough space and are not limited in the confines of the crib.

Simply add cushion and small pillows so that you or your kids will enjoy sitting and staying in the porch swing.

This unique innovation is enough for this plan to be part of our list.

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