Cheap Router Table Plan

82 Router Table DIY Plans

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  1. 1) Creston Wood Router Table Design
  2. 2) Router Table Pressure Jig
  3. 3) Simple Router Table
  4. 4) Jane’s Router Table Design
  5. 5) Patrick’s Router Table
  6. 6) One Project Closer Router Table
  7. 7) 3-in-1 Router Table
  8. 8) American Woodworker Router Table
  9. 9) Wall-Mounted Router Table
  10. 10) All-Around Router Table
  11. 11) Table Saw Router Fence
  12. 12) Cheap and Easy Storage Router Table
  14. 13) Woodworking Table
  15. 14) The DIY Router Table
  16. 15) The Country Classic Router Table
  17. 16) Router Table and Organizer
  18. 17) Trash Can Router Table
  19. 18) The Fold Away Router Table
  20. 19) $100 Router Table
  21. 20) The Family Handy Man’s Router Table Plans
  22. 21) Garbage Can Dremel Router Table DIY
  23. 22) Shop-Built Router Tables
  24. 23) Bench-Mounted Router Table
  25. 24) Ultimate Router Table Plan
  26. 25) The Rolling Router Table
  27. 26) Ultimate Router Table 2
  28. 27) Simple Router Table 2
  29. 28) Router Table-Mate
  30. 29) Router Table Cabinet
  31. 30) Stow-and-Go Router Table
  32. 31) Horizontal Router Table
  33. 32) Quick and Easy Router Table
  34. 33) Ultimate Router Table 3
  35. 34) Woodworker Router Table
  36. 35) Simple Router Table Plans
  37. 36) Router Table Plans
  38. 37) Router Table from a Reclaimed Desk
  39. 38) Almost Free Router Table
  40. 39) Basic Router Table Plans
  41. 40) Simple Router Table 3
  42. 41) Mother’s Router / Shaper Table
  43. 42) A Simple Router Table
  44. 43) A Shop-Made Router Table
  45. 44) The Utilitarian CNC Router Table
  46. 45) John Heisz Router Table
  47. 46) Dan’s Benchtop Router Table
  48. 47) Horizontal Router Table for the Slot Mortise
  49. 48) The Thinking Wood Router Table Plans
  50. 49) Router Table with Rockler Table
  51. 50) The Ana White Router Table
  52. 51) The Mounted Router Table
  53. 52) Scott Moore Router Table Plan
  54. 53) The ShopNotes Magazine Quick and Easy Blueprint
  55. 54) The Converted Table Saw Blueprint
  56. 55) Cheap Router Table Plan
  57. 56) The Minimalist Maker Design
  58. 57) Tablesaw Idea
  59. 58) The Simple Pop Out Idea
  60. 59) Free Woodworking Router Table Plans
  61. 60) Versatile Router Table Plan
  62. 61) Portable Router Table Design Plan
  63. 62) Building a Portable Router Table
  64. 63) Router and Drill Press Table
  65. 64) Portable Router Table Ideas
  66. 65) On The Wall Miter Table Station
  67. 66) Router Table Interior Ideas
  68. 67) Portable DIY Router Table
  69. 68) Bench Mounted Router Table
  70. 69) Homemade Router Inspiration
  71. 70) Large Router Table Design Inspiration
  72. 71) Sample Router Table Plans
  73. 72) Simple Router Table Design
  74. 73) Simple Router Design Plan
  75. 74) Basic Router Table Design
  76. 75) Router Table Cabinet Design
  77. 76) DIY Router Table Design Inspiration
  78. 77) Very Simple Router Table
  79. 78) The Basic Router Table Design
  80. 79) Instant Clear Router Table Top
  81. 80) Working Class Router Table
  82. 81) Classic Router Table Cabinet
  83. 82) Lumber Jocks Horizontal Router Table
  84. Conclusion

21) Garbage Can Dremel Router Table DIY

Garbage Can Dremel Router Table Diy

Just like the garbage can router table plan, this router uses a large garbage can to hold the outer body and the router table surface. Made from a thick piece of lumber, the table top surface has a small, standard opening at the middle where the router tip is at. The fence can be moved farther to accommodate large wooden pieces and to make more complicated shapes and cuts.

This router top has been fastened on the top of the can with screws and since the can’s rim is larger than the router table, dust can easily fall along the side and into the can. A safety switch has been constructed and placed at the front of the table so you can easily power off the router in case of an emergency.

This is easy to build and efficient router table design. The garbage can is steadied with the use of large sandbags or hollow blocks placed inside the can. Have all the materials and tools ready and you’ll be able to complete this design in just a matter of hours.

22) Shop-Built Router Tables

Shop Built Router Tables

This is a collection of three of the best router table designs that you can use for your workstation or shop. These three designs were made from tough pieces of lumber and are actually very simple designs that you can actually work on in just a matter of days.

The first design is a benchtop router table that has a moderately-sized table with a completely moveable fence, a space for the dust port and a level area to do all your work.

The second design is a router table that was fitted on top of a metal table frame which is the size of a regular workbench. The router table is plain and simple with a moveable fence with a dust port in the middle.

The third table uses a large circular saw instead of a router with the saw installed vertically from the workpiece. This was made from superior wooden components which can efficiently shape and shave a workpiece safely and effectively.

23) Bench-Mounted Router Table

Bench Mounted Router Table 1

This is a router table that is designed to be mounted on an even and flat surfaces like a benchtop or working table. This was designed to provide a large space to work with. The middle of the table lies the router tip which can spin fast or slow depending on the piece or material that you wish to shape or cut. The fence is smaller than the length of the table which can be moved forward or backward depending on the project that you want to complete.

Since this router table is just a bench-mounted design, this was designed to be removed once you are done and set up easily. This is considered one of the easiest to build which can take you a few hours to complete.

24) Ultimate Router Table Plan

Ultimate Router Table Plan

This is a plan to make the ultimate router table which is basically not just a router table but also a cabinet that can house the router body, additional tools and router attachments and accessories. This router table design has been cleverly thought of with every component designed to be part of something.

The router table is moderate-sized with a wire fence with a slot in the middle to hold the router tip and a dust port. The fence is completely movable and can be moved forward or back. This router table has cabinet components that were built from scratch.

The cabinets will also let you work neatly as it can hide the outer body as well as a small shop vac inside one of its large cabinets. You can move this router table and cabinet to where you wish to work because of its sturdy wheels for table legs.

This looks like a complicated build but nevertheless can be accomplished slowly and carefully in just a few days.

25) The Rolling Router Table

The Rolling Router Table

This is a plan to make a rolling router table which is a good idea if you need to transport your router to a different place where you need to work. The table was made from pieces of reclaimed wood, sanded and cut to create an area where the router tip will be placed. The table surface has a smooth area where you can work on. The table neatly holds the router in place.

This is a simple table that has large and durable wheels. This can be rolled to where you want to work and keep you from using only a small table in routing different projects. You can work on this project in just days but make sure you have all the materials and tools for this handy.

26) Ultimate Router Table 2

Ultimate Router Table 2

This is a router table and cabinet in one. The table top was mounted on top of a cabinet with shelving, drawers and enough storage space. This looks perfectly made with the table’s soft corners, smooth surface, and lovely coating. The router table top has a router tip in the middle and a frame with a hollowed middle to accommodate the router tip and to hold the workpiece in place.

The frame can extend to the back with a still extra room that extends beyond the table. A pressure jig is on the front which allows you to make more complicated cuts and shapes. A dust port has been constructed near the router tip and this removes the dust and dirt from the workpiece so you can clearly see what you are doing.

The router cabinet was well-constructed with drawers, cabinets and enough storage space to keep your power tools, hand tools, and other router accessories. This table does not have any wheels so it can’t be moved to another area in your workshop. 

This project is quite complicated to build and it needs more than just the basic woodworking skills and knowledge to build this project. You may ask a contractor to build this for you and use these plans as a template or inspiration.

27) Simple Router Table 2

Simple Router Table 2

This router table looks like it was constructed out of an old table. The table top looks smooth and wide. The fence is wide with space at the middle to make way for the router tip. It can be moved forward or back to make room for bigger workpieces. The router tool is hidden from view underneath the table top while the table has simple storage underneath as well.

This is a router table plan that should inspire you to make your own table even out of old or reclaimed furniture. This is an easy task which should not take more than a few hours to make. Make sure that you are reclaiming a strong table, a table that can withstand the weight of a router and your workpiece. Once you find a good table, stabilize its legs before you start constructing your router table top.

28) Router Table-Mate

Router Table Mate

Just look at the wrought iron legs of this worksite router table. It is strong to hold the weight of the new router table plus the additional weight of a workpiece. The table top has the router tip too far back and an adjustable fence holds the workpiece in place. A shop vac attachment has been constructed near the moving tip so it’s a guarantee you will have a clear view of your workpiece all the time.

The table is low and is non-adjustable therefore you might want to adjust its height so you can hold the workpiece better. You may also place additional clamps, a pressure jig, and some storage at the bottom of the table to be able to store supplies, accessories and additional hand and power tools.

29) Router Table Cabinet

Router Table Cabinet

This is a plan for a simple table router top with all the important parts you will need for any type of routing project. This router table top has a wide fence, wider than the width of the table. A small hole in the middle is where the router tip will emerge ready for any routing task. The fence has a dust port system in the middle, eager to catch dust and dirt from the workpiece.

Although this looks like a pre-fab router top system, you may use this as an inspiration to be able to create the ideal workplace for your cutting, shaping and routing needs.

30) Stow-and-Go Router Table

Stow And Go Router Table

This is a computerized image of a router table made from very simple materials bearing a very basic router table design. This table may only have two legs but these are strong and steady legs to keep your table from moving as you use the router.

The router is housed at the bottom of this table as its tip emerges from the table top. The table top is supported by large parallel beams to further steady it. An extra-wide fence keeps the workpiece from moving.

This can be moved far back to accommodate larger and more complicated workpieces. A convenient dust port system is found in the middle of the fence which keeps this area clean and dust-free.

This is a fairly easy design and can be done in a day. However, you must make sure that the materials you use must be strong and able to withstand long hours of use and abuse.