Cheap Router Table Plan

82 Router Table DIY Plans

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  1. 1) Creston Wood Router Table Design
  2. 2) Router Table Pressure Jig
  3. 3) Simple Router Table
  4. 4) Jane’s Router Table Design
  5. 5) Patrick’s Router Table
  6. 6) One Project Closer Router Table
  7. 7) 3-in-1 Router Table
  8. 8) American Woodworker Router Table
  9. 9) Wall-Mounted Router Table
  10. 10) All-Around Router Table
  11. 11) Table Saw Router Fence
  12. 12) Cheap and Easy Storage Router Table
  14. 13) Woodworking Table
  15. 14) The DIY Router Table
  16. 15) The Country Classic Router Table
  17. 16) Router Table and Organizer
  18. 17) Trash Can Router Table
  19. 18) The Fold Away Router Table
  20. 19) $100 Router Table
  21. 20) The Family Handy Man’s Router Table Plans
  22. 21) Garbage Can Dremel Router Table DIY
  23. 22) Shop-Built Router Tables
  24. 23) Bench-Mounted Router Table
  25. 24) Ultimate Router Table Plan
  26. 25) The Rolling Router Table
  27. 26) Ultimate Router Table 2
  28. 27) Simple Router Table 2
  29. 28) Router Table-Mate
  30. 29) Router Table Cabinet
  31. 30) Stow-and-Go Router Table
  32. 31) Horizontal Router Table
  33. 32) Quick and Easy Router Table
  34. 33) Ultimate Router Table 3
  35. 34) Woodworker Router Table
  36. 35) Simple Router Table Plans
  37. 36) Router Table Plans
  38. 37) Router Table from a Reclaimed Desk
  39. 38) Almost Free Router Table
  40. 39) Basic Router Table Plans
  41. 40) Simple Router Table 3
  42. 41) Mother’s Router / Shaper Table
  43. 42) A Simple Router Table
  44. 43) A Shop-Made Router Table
  45. 44) The Utilitarian CNC Router Table
  46. 45) John Heisz Router Table
  47. 46) Dan’s Benchtop Router Table
  48. 47) Horizontal Router Table for the Slot Mortise
  49. 48) The Thinking Wood Router Table Plans
  50. 49) Router Table with Rockler Table
  51. 50) The Ana White Router Table
  52. 51) The Mounted Router Table
  53. 52) Scott Moore Router Table Plan
  54. 53) The ShopNotes Magazine Quick and Easy Blueprint
  55. 54) The Converted Table Saw Blueprint
  56. 55) Cheap Router Table Plan
  57. 56) The Minimalist Maker Design
  58. 57) Tablesaw Idea
  59. 58) The Simple Pop Out Idea
  60. 59) Free Woodworking Router Table Plans
  61. 60) Versatile Router Table Plan
  62. 61) Portable Router Table Design Plan
  63. 62) Building a Portable Router Table
  64. 63) Router and Drill Press Table
  65. 64) Portable Router Table Ideas
  66. 65) On The Wall Miter Table Station
  67. 66) Router Table Interior Ideas
  68. 67) Portable DIY Router Table
  69. 68) Bench Mounted Router Table
  70. 69) Homemade Router Inspiration
  71. 70) Large Router Table Design Inspiration
  72. 71) Sample Router Table Plans
  73. 72) Simple Router Table Design
  74. 73) Simple Router Design Plan
  75. 74) Basic Router Table Design
  76. 75) Router Table Cabinet Design
  77. 76) DIY Router Table Design Inspiration
  78. 77) Very Simple Router Table
  79. 78) The Basic Router Table Design
  80. 79) Instant Clear Router Table Top
  81. 80) Working Class Router Table
  82. 81) Classic Router Table Cabinet
  83. 82) Lumber Jocks Horizontal Router Table
  84. Conclusion

81) Classic Router Table Cabinet

Classic Router Table Cabinet

This router table cabinet may not be done yet but as you can see it looks like it’s a good table to have in your own workstation at home or at the worksite. It has a large table top, quite larger than most regular router tables that we have presented. The height is also great because it is at level with standard tables.

It has a table with a wide fence that can be easily moved to accommodate large materials and workpieces. The fence has a middle portion that fits the router tip and has a back that connects to a vacuum attachment. The cabinet here is very spacious indeed!

The large area in the middle is where the router sits and where a shop vac may be kept. The sides of this cabinet have spaces for cabinets and drawers where tools, parts, and accessories may be kept. Dress this table up by painting it the color you want or go natural by applying wood stain instead.

82) Lumber Jocks Horizontal Router Table

Lumber Jocks Horizontal Router Table

Some builders prefer a horizontal router than a vertical design. If you are one of these builders then you would love this horizontal router table. This is a bench router that has a moderately-sized table but why do you need a table when you want to work horizontally right?

This has a large horizontal working area as well with a movable fence that will let you accommodate larger workpieces. Since this is a benchtop design. You can easily take this anywhere you wish to work or you can take it down and keep it away if you are done working.

Improve this horizontal router table by adding storage sections at the bottom, improving the fence design and improving the table top as well. But when it comes to an easy build, this certainly tops most horizontal designs.


When it comes to router tables, there are plenty of designs to choose from. You can choose a benchtop model that you can take anywhere, a standard router table design that will let you route and cut workpieces steadily or you can go with a cabinet model for improved storage space.

No matter what design you want to build, you must take special attention to the materials you will use and the tools that you will need to complete your task. If you must use recycled or upcycled cabinets or tables pick a table or cabinet that is strong and even.

Safety measures should be considered above all. The table should be sturdy, even and flat. The router should have a safety switch in case of emergencies and guards should be in place to avoid flying debris.

It is also standard to design a router table with a dust port so that dust and dirt may be removed immediately from your working area. Needless to say that a clean working area is a safe space to work in. Therefore a dust port is essential for any kind of design.

Keeping all these in mind will help you design and construct the best router table for your needs. You may also use these designs to inspire you to make your own router table design according to the demands of your woodworking projects.