125 Pallet Furniture DIY Plans

91) The Corner Desk

This is a desk worth checking out. It has a unique shape because it was fashioned to become a corner desk. Why make a corner desk you may ask? This shape effectively uses all available space in a room. Anyone who uses this table will have ample space for all his stuff.

He can have his laptop or personal computer set up and at the back would hold a very large monitor. For a home office, a fax machine and printer/scanner can occupy the corner while a small table top filing cabinet can be placed on the other side.

A computer chair on wheels is a good idea so you can easily move from one corner to another if you have to. And if you need more storage, the bottom part of this table is so spacious. You can easily place low file cabinets here or pallet shelves as well.


92) Pallet Sofa 2

This is a pallet sofa with an L-shape. This is a sofa made for the outdoors. This is actually a classic design where the pallet frames are carefully stacked at the bottom. Large cushions are used for seating and this creates a lovely pallet sofa.

Because this is a large sofa you need to have at least ten or more pallet frames to make the sofa frame. Where do you get this many pallet frames?

A good place to start is a local shop or facility near you. Local businesses may have a few lying around that they want to throw away.

You can also check dumpsites and recycling centers but make sure that these are dry and clean. Some hardware shops may sell pallet wood for a low price but if you can get these for free then go for it.


93) Paracord Hanging Chair

Now, what can you say about this odd looking chair? This is not actually a chair or swing but a hanging chair or a little bit of both. It is made from small pallets which are assembled to make this interesting chair.

It’s quite a challenge to hop in this paracord chair but once you are on, it’s a fun and relaxing ride. Just have someone help you jump out especially if the chair was set high above the ground.

If you are a lover of the extreme then you can make two or more of these hanging chairs. Make sure to hang these on a strong branch or beam of the house. Make sure too that the pallets you will be using are strong and durable, no cracks hollowed out areas or breaks.


94) The Rolling Coffee Table

What a sight for sore eyes! This coffee table is made from pallets and has a convenient set of wheels so it can be rolled anywhere you need coffee. This is a very easy project to make and was made just by stacking two pallets on top of each other.

The surface though was painted with a lovely, personalized design. You can definitely build this in just a few minutes because of its very easy design. Enjoy coffee anywhere with this cool rolling pallet coffee table.

95) Kids’ Workbench

Do you have a budding woodworker? If your little one has the zest to become just like his or her parent then this is the project that you should build soon. This is a workbench made especially for kids. It has a large working table with an attached tool cabinet.

The workbench is stable, durable and even. He can practice working on different projects and using different tools as well. The tool cabinet has all these great compartments where he could place his tools.

This shows him the value of neatness and respect for his tools and materials. This is a very easy project that you can finish in just a few hours. Make it your next woodworking project.


96) Raised Planting Beds

A planting bed is a convenient space where you can plant delicate seedlings or plants that need careful attention. Sometimes young plants need TLC and the only way to do it is to plant it separately and let it take root and become a strong young plant before this is transplanted to the ground.

This planting bed will help you by providing a raised bed for your plants. This is made from pallet wood and recycled wood. You can actually make this in just a few hours for as long as you have complete materials for the project with you.

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97) Wood Cabinet

This is a wood cabinet that can be used in so many ways. Pallet cabinets such as these can be used in the living room as an entertainment cabinet where different items used for gaming, movie watching and watching television can be placed.

It can also accommodate DVD or Blu ray discs as well as a gaming console and player. Making this shelf is an easy task. You need a number of pallets dismantled from the frame. Once this is done, you can have a brand new, almost free pallet cabinet to be used for anything at home.


98) Eco-Rustic Bookshelves

Everything about this project is cute. It is a shelf made for a kids room with hanging bookshelves and fun décor. The bookcase may have a small area but It can accommodate a number of books at a time. It can take different accessories too like a photo frame, small toys and more.

You can easily construct this pallet bookcase for a kids’ room from leftover pallets. It     won’t cost you a thing! You don’t even have to be an expert to build this; even a novice woodworker can complete this in less than an hour.


99) Staggered Pallet Planter

This is another planter design that you can make in just a few minutes with pallet wood. This planter is deeper this time and is for a few plants unlike the vertical planter is shown previously. This design lets you grow larger plants and take it indoors or out.

The planter can hold about four plants but you can make this larger if you want to hold more. It is completely made from pallets so you don’t have to spend anything to make this design.


100) Hanging Garden Made of Pallet Wood

Can you imagine having this inside your home? Once the plants here grow out, you will have a hanging garden by your window. This is entirely made from pallets and the trick to this hanging design s that water simply trickles down from the top to the bottom so nothing is wasted.

With this planter design, you must grow hardy plants or plants that can withstand indoor living. Place this near a window so your plants can still get natural light. And of course making this won’t take too long and in fact, the plans to make this will show you how easy it is in a step by step manner.


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