The Gorgeous Red Pergola

86 Pergola DIY Plans

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  1. 1) A Simple Deck Pergola with Plant Hangers
  2. 2) A Louvered Pergola DIY Plan
  3. 3) DIY Pergola Swing Plan
  4. 4) Plans for a Large Wooden Pergola
  5. 5) A Simple Pergola Project
  6. 6) That Backyard Pergola
  7. 7) Manly Pergola Plan
  8. 8) Attached to a House Pergola
  9. 9) “Beautiful Mess” Pergola Plan
  10. 10) The Garden Pergola
  11. 11) Kitchen Island Pergola Plan
  12. 12) The White Deck Pergola
  13. 13) The Stunning White Pergola
  14. 14) Patio Pergola with Charming Tendril Posts
  15. 15) The 15-Minute Pergola Plan
  16. 16) Sitting Area Pergola
  17. 17) Patio Pergola DIY Plan
  18. 18) Fancy Seating Area Under a Gray Pergola
  19. 19) The Ultimate Octagonal Pergola with Fire Pit and Swings
  20. 20) Classic Pergola Design
  21. 21) Vine-Covered Pergola
  22. 22) Lovely Green Pergola
  23. 23) Your Trellis, Arbor or Pergola Plan
  24. 24) Rustic Grape Vine Pergola
  25. 25) Pergola Swing #2
  26. 26) The Round Pergola Design
  27. 27) Simple Steel Pergola
  28. 28) L-Shaped Stunning Pergola
  29. 29) The Box Pergola
  30. 30) The Miniature Pergola Design
  31. 31) Garage Pergola
  32. 32) Simple Patio Pergola Design
  33. 33) The Square Pergola Plan
  34. 34) 10 x 10 Base Pergola Plan
  35. 35) Classic Pergola Design #2
  36. 36) Freestanding Pergola
  37. 37) The Pergola Shaded Sitting Area
  38. 38) A Walk-Through Garden Pergola
  39. 39) From the Ground Up Pergola
  40. 40) The Gorgeous Red Pergola
  41. 41) Vine-Covered Pergola #2
  42. 42) Plans for a Very Large Pergola
  43. 43) Backyard Pergola 2
  44. 44) Repurposed Doors Pergola Plan
  45. 45) The A-Frame Pergola Design
  46. 46) Lovely Backyard Dining Area Pergola
  47. 47) Curtained Pergola Plans
  48. 48) Pergola Columns Design
  49. 49) Red Pergola for a Comfortable Seating Area
  50. 50) Breezy White Pergola Plans
  51. 51) Basic Pergola Plan from DIY Network
  52. 52) Weatherly Pergola – Lattice and Seating Area
  53. 53) Modified Weatherly Pergola
  54. 54) Simple Pergola Design for Backyard Area
  55. 55) White Pergola Attached to the House
  56. 56) Easy Pergola Plan
  57. 57) Backyard Pergola on a Busy Neighborhood
  58. 58) Pergola for a Stone-Covered Patio
  59. 59) Stunning Backyard Transformation with a Pergola
  60. 60) Pergola with A Canopy From Lowes
  61. 61) Basic Pergola Plan You Can Do Today
  62. 62) Box-Type Pergola Design Plan
  63. 63) Free Pergola Design from Construct 101
  64. 64) The Sunset Pergola Kits
  65. 65) Presenting the Minimalist Pergola
  66. 66) A Weekend Pergola Project
  67. 67) The Patio and Planter Design Pergola
  68. 68) The Windsor Style Freestanding Pergola
  69. 69) Blueprints for a Freestanding Pergola
  70. 70) The Classic Red Pergola
  71. 71) The Pergola Patio Sketchup Design
  72. 72) 10 x 10 Freestanding Pergola Plans
  73. 73) Redwood Pergola Design
  74. 74) The Simple Backyard Pergola Plan
  75. 75) String Up Some Lights On this Pergola
  76. 76) 8 x 10 Redwood Pergola Plan
  77. 77) Basic Pergola Building Guide
  78. 78) Garage Door Trellis Plan
  79. 79) Patio Pergola Plans
  80. 80) Arbor Seat Plans
  81. 81) The BBQ Patio Pergola Plan
  82. 82) Pergola from Upcycled Wood
  83. 83) Rustic Woods Pergola Design
  84. 84) Classic Vineyard Pergola
  85. 85) Modern Classic Pergola
  86. 86) 8 x 8 Pergola Plan
  87. Conclusion

71) The Pergola Patio Sketchup Design

The Pergola Patio Sketchup Design

This is a conceptualized pergola design plan that will show you how to construct an easy pergola like you would in a kit. This has 8 posts in total which are buried in the ground for stability. The rafters have been equally spaced to create an even and professional-looking design. If you look closely, there are lattice woodworks found between the posts and this has added to the charm and beauty of this pergola design.

This pergola may just be a sketch but it looks compact but roomy. It has a whimsical design that you would want to have in your garden or yard. So whether you are new to woodworking or you’ve done projects before, this plan will surely satisfy your needs. Click below to get the complete plan.

72) 10 x 10 Freestanding Pergola Plans

10 X 10 Freestanding Pergola Plans

When you are just starting as a woodworker it is best to start with the very basic plans. This is a simple pergola plan that is all about building a 10 x 10 feet structure. This has deeply buried posts with high upper supports and rafters to create that plain but airy style.

This works great as a shield from the sun if you want to place some patio furniture out. It can also be used to shield plants from the hot sun. Sting up some lights and add some aerial plants and you got a festive venue for any party or family event. Interested in building this pergola? We have the complete plans for you.

73) Redwood Pergola Design

Redwood Pergola Design

This is a pergola made of durable and lovely redwood. It has six panels with 29 louvers and one panel that has 16 louvers, therefore, it is a complicated build. But despite the complexity of the build, you can bet that this is one pergola that will truly be a spectacle once it’s completely finished. It can become the highlight of your backyard with its magnificent design.

The structure can shield a patio, a barbecue area, a poolside relaxation area or simply a place where you keep delicate plants. Hang some lights and you have a cool area to dine and wine with friends and family. Check out the plans to build this lovely redwood pergola here.

74) The Simple Backyard Pergola Plan

The Simple Backyard Pergola Plan

Sometimes beauty is seen in the simplest design. This is a very basic pergola plan that even someone with minimal woodworking knowledge can do. Would you believe that the builder of this pergola used only Google Sketch to create the plans? Nevertheless, the result looks awesome.

The structure looks very simple, has high upper supports with plain evenly-spaced rafters. What’s also great is that the builder captured every step of the build in detail even photographing everything that he did. And aside from the different steps, a detailed list of all the materials and tools needed for the project was given. This is definitely a DIY pergola plan that a novice builder should check out.

75) String Up Some Lights On this Pergola

String Up Some Lights On This Pergola

Create a stunning pergola that you can fill with hundreds of lights. This could be a great outdoor venue for barbecues, movie nights, romantic dinners and so on. This pergola is tall, with two layers of lattice boards as the second layer runs perpendicular from the first layer.

A comfy L-shaped sofa is the highlight of this outdoor space and as you can see, the builder has made the space more homey with area rugs, a table, and matching accents. Make sure to use outdoor furniture or at least add a canopy to this structure to protect the furniture from rain or heat. If you love this pergola design then check out the plans for the build here.

76) 8 x 10 Redwood Pergola Plan

8 X 10 Redwood Pergola Plan

This is a small yet very functional pergola measuring only 8 x 10 feet. It has a traditional and basic design that you will surely find easy to make. It has tall posts with evenly-spaced rafters that will provide shade from the sun.

You can transform this simple pergola into almost anything. You can create a simple outdoor dining area for special dinners with family and friends. Place some lights and create a whimsical area for relaxation or meditation.

You can also plant flowering vines and have it grow all over this pergola or add some hanging accents and plants. As they say, the plainer the easier to accessorize. Follow the plans to build this easy backyard pergola from the link below.

77) Basic Pergola Building Guide

Basic Pergola Building Guide

This is a special guide on how to build a pergola. Although most people dream of having a pergola in their backyard, this may seem impossible if you don’t really have the woodworking skills. Even if you have complete tools and materials, you need a good building guide to help you out.

This special guide gives you all the best details on how to build that pergola. You can transform your yard dramatically and improve the value of your property even with a simple pergola. The link to this guide is found here.

78) Garage Door Trellis Plan

Garage Door Trellis Plan

Even your garage door needs a makeover. This is a simple pergola which is not really a full-sized structure since it is attached to the top of the garage door. Call this a trellis that simply frames the door and allows vines to grow and shield the door area.

This improves the look of your home and is not really a complicated structure to build. As you can see, the arbor/trellis/pergola is made of only two rafters but with at least six L-shaped supports. With this simple design, you can build this in just a few hours if you have the right tools and materials. The plans to make this garage door trellis pergola are found on the link below.

79) Patio Pergola Plans

Patio Pergola Plans

This is a vinyl-covered pergola that is attached to an outdoor deck patio that provides ample shade to your family. The builder that created this pergola lives in Greece and emphasizes the importance of protection from the sun.

This pergola can be improved by placing a vinyl cover or a weather-resistant fabric. This is attached to the house as you can see while the posts have been bolted down the ground. The rafters are very simply designed but the simplicity of this pergola is one of its great points.

This simple pergola design can be used as a shield to cover a breakfast or dining area. The plans to build the pergola can be found at the link we have below.

80) Arbor Seat Plans

Arbor Seat Plans

This pergola arbor seat was constructed to be one of a highlight of an apple orchard. This was designed for a person who wanted to meditate quietly outdoors. The plans here will help you build the uprights, the lattice panels, and the seats. As you can see, this is an easy build even for a novice woodworker.

The materials used here very durable and will resist years of outdoor use. If you have been longing for a lovely quaint place to meditate then this should be your next project this weekend. Check out the plans to make this arbor seat here.