86 Pergola DIY Plans

Spice up your backyard with a DIY pergola. A pergola is an outdoor structure used to provide shade to a pathway, sitting area or any area in your yard. This is usually a structure that stands independently from your home.

It could be made of any material but usually, it is constructed of 2×2 and 4×4 pieces of wood. It is possibly one of the easiest ways to update any yard; you only need a few hours setting up the post and assembling the pergola. Once you are done, you have yourself a quaint little spot where you can do almost anything.

Use a pergola to shield your lovely flowering plants. Place a few lounge chairs and you have an area fit for relaxing. Add a fountain and an outdoor rug and you got a meditation area or just a quiet place to read a book or sleep. Place a table, a few chairs and you have a breakfast nook.

You can also use a pergola to provide a little privacy and sunscreen besides your pool or as a part of a garden pathway. A pergola may also be a classy outdoor venue for parties, special gatherings, and outdoor events. Most outdoor party social venues have classy pergolas decked with curtains, lights, and flowers.

So are you ready to make your own pergola at home? Transform your regular backyard into a lovely oasis with any of these DIY pergola plans.    

We have 86 of the most popular pergola DIY plans listed here for you. Choose the one that will fit your needs and according to the style or lock that you wish to achieve. If you are new to woodworking and you are also new to using power tools then the best choice would be a simple pergola plan.

1) A Simple Deck Pergola with Plant Hangers

A pergola is a ersatile outdoor structure. It can be used to beautify your outdoor area and at the same time, serve a purpose. This can be used as a structure to shield plants from direct sunlight.

You can use a supports to hang aerial plants as well. This first pergola DIY plan is a simple one, with basic instructions on how to construct the pergola lower and upper supports.


2) A Louvered Pergola DIY Plan

This is a huge pergola plan project that measures 16 feet x 8 feet. This is has a louvered roof so it provides ample shade for your plants or for a breakfast nook. You can also install a louvered pergola along with a wooden walkway, deck or any wooden structure in your yard.

You don’t need to dig in the soil for a post for this pergola plan. The posts, as well as the center post, will be attached at the bottom of the floor joist if you are attaching this pergola to a deck.

This louvered pergola can be done in just a day. As long as you have all your materials and equipment ready, you can complete this project without breaking a sweat.


3) DIY Pergola Swing Plan

A pergola is so versatile that aside from shielding you from the sun and a structure where you can hang your plants on, a swing also hangs in its center! Imagine all the hours of fun you’ll have with this project! If you have kids then this project is definitely something that you should consider.


4) Plans for a Large Wooden Pergola

Pergolas can be small for a swing or as large as a deck. You can make it as huge as you want it to be or just as simple as something to hang your plants on. This is a plan to construct a very large wooden pergola.

This can be a structure placed on your deck, near your pool, as the highlight of your garden or a venue for an event or party. But no matter what or how you want to use this pergola you will surely love its wide roof area with plenty of promising styles to create.


5) A Simple Pergola Project

This is a simple pergola project plan that has many uses. It is almost half the size of the previous large pergola plan but has a variety of uses as well.

You can use this as a breakfast nook, a meditation area or a place where you can install plants, vines, aerial plants and more. And since this is a small project, you can bet that you are done in just a matter of hours.


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6) That Backyard Pergola

Jazz up an outdoor space with a cool backyard pergola. This is not an ordinary pergola because it is tall enough to let the breeze in but it has crisscross beams on top to block out the sun better. You will find this pergola simple to do yet a bit complicated when it comes to design.

This is also a structure that is cemented on the ground so it’s guaranteed to stay strong even during high winds or a strong rain. Here is the plan to make this backyard pergola.


7) Manly Pergola Plan

Let’s face it; pergolas are more on the girly side with gentle designs, classy accessories and dainty flowers and vines. But this pergola plan is different because the design is more box-like and a bit manly compared to other pergola designs.

Take note too that you won’t just be building a pergola but a deck as well. Here is a plan to construct a manly pergola for your garden or backyard.


8) Attached to a House Pergola

A pergola may also be part of your house’s structure, or at least “seemingly” a part of your home when you use this house pergola plan. This is actually very simple to do because instead of having to make four posts, you only need to construct two. This kind of pergola has a lot of uses and is very versatile.

You can use this as an extension of your living room or dining room. This can also house your grill and outdoor dining furniture to create a lovely outdoor place to eat with your family.

9) “Beautiful Mess” Pergola Plan

Pergolas can look nicely done with perfect edges and trims but imperfection could also be beautiful. This is a pergola plan that will show you how to build a simple, not-so-perfect yet lovely place in your backyard.

See how bare wood and minimal accessories can also create a beautiful look?

Add hanging plants, a few outdoor accents and lights and you got a nice place to just contemplate and relax in your backyard. This is a pergola courtesy of “Beautiful Mess.”

10) The Garden Pergola

This pergola could be a charming new structure in your backyard. However, it is not something for novice DIYers. The upper beams have been seamlessly cut at the ends to create an airy design. There are two large upper supports on each side of the structure while the posts have been buried in the ground for strength.

This is a garden pergola that has versatile uses. Because of its size, you can use this as an outdoor family relaxation area, a place for special events and a good place to install plants and garden knick-knacks. A detailed guide to making this pergola is found below.


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